Xbox Live’s Achievement Numbers Are Slightly Terrifying

Xbox Live’s Achievement Numbers Are Slightly Terrifying

Achievements. Every major platform has them now in some shape or form, but they started on the Xbox 360 back in 2005. Have you ever wondered how many have been unlocked in that time?

While writing an upcoming story on Xbox Live, I got hold of these numbers related to the service, which I figured were worth sharing now ahead of time. Since the first achievement was, well, achieved in 2005, Microsoft tells me there have been 6.3 billion achievements unlocked in Xbox 360 games.

If you’re concerned how your Gamerscore shapes up against the global median, the average score is 11,286. And if you ever wondered how many gamer points have been racked up by players since 2005, the number (as of March 2011) stands at a whopping 176,802,201,383.

On a broader level, Microsoft says that every day over 20 million people log onto Xbox Live, who have contributed to 4 billion hours of multiplayer gaming since the service kicked off back in 2002.

And…that’s it. Who said numbers weren’t fun?

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  • And I’d wager that about 1/4 of those points are from brilliant “achievements” such as play the games intro, or finish the first level. That really rustles my jimmies. Why are so many of these achievements for such basic, basic things? Shouldn’t they be for something that is rather obscure and out of the way? Assassin’s Creed 2 if I remember right gives you 2 or 3 achievements before you even get into the animus to start the real game. WTF.

    • totally agree. i’d like to see more achievements such as in battlefield: bad company, which had an achievement for finding the highest point in the game, or maybe something like metroid prime 3, where achievements granted tokens that could be spent unlocking art galleries, soundtracks and even a bobble head mii for samus’ ship.

    • Game developers often throw together the achievements system at the last minute because they think achievements are a stupid, pointless waste of time. No idea where they got that impression.

  • Some acheivement are pointless like as mentioned in AC2 the early ones amount to “Sit through cut-scene” which is stupid. Others are a ridiculous grind like kill 100 X or perform action 50 times. Some are cool though.

    A few that I’ve gotten which I thought were clever and rewarding something out of the ordinary…

    Monopoly Streets: “Repeat Offender” – Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game

    The Orange Box: “Master of Disguise” – Trick an opposing medic into healing you.

    N+: “Practice Makes Perfect” – Die 1000 times in Single Player mode.

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