You Are Responsible For Making Dark Souls Even Harder

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to notoriously difficult role-playing game Demon's Souls, is guaranteed to be even more punishing. So says Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who also reveals that players - not just giant wolves and zombie dragons - will be inflicting more pain on each other.

Miyazaki explains in the new issue of Edge magazine that the game's messaging system that lets players leave helpful tips and warnings to other Dark Souls players can also be harmful. That was true of Demon's Souls, in a sense, as some players dropped disinformation from time to time.

But Dark Souls will reportedly feature a "keener competitive edge", with players seeing real benefit from actively tricking their fellow players. "It's how you play with people's minds, how you help or trick other people," Miyazaki tells Edge. "It's not necessarily about how skilled you are, but how smart you are."

Players will also be encourage - perhaps forced - to attack other players online. Miyazaki explains that we "may be tasked with hunting down a certain item that another has in his or her possession."

"It's usually posed a bit like a competitive version of Lord of the Rings in which one player has the ring and the other characters must find him, attack him and attempt to claim the ring for themselves," he says. Demon's Souls put players in the position of player-versus-player combat during a fight in which players assume the role of a major boss, the Old Monk. But it appears that Dark Souls will explore this notion even further.

Dark Souls' difficulty will be ratcheted up with another new aspect: the degradation of the player's mind. Characters will mentally suffer to the point where they may devolve into a "zombie or monster" in Dark Souls.

There's more information in the pages of the latest Edge, including Dark Souls' unusual approach to an ending, which is out at newsstands this week.

Dark Souls is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year, courtesy of From Software and publisher Namco Bandai.


    Dammit you guys; what the hell did I ever do to you?

    Oh my God. If there was ever any affirmation I'm clearly a masochist, this game will be it. (Maybe it's more that I'm 30 years old and remember a time when games taught you via repetition and relentless punishment for any failure, no matter how small. Also see 'Prinny' on PSP)

    Just finished all 5 worlds on Demon's Souls and am chasing stones for finishing upgrading my weapon before I complete the game and commence New Game +.

    Words cannot describe how much I want Dark Souls.

    This and Armored Core 5. I want From's babies.

      Well I'm 6 years younger and Demon's Souls may be my favourite game of all time, possibly joint first with UC2. I imported Demon's Souls and then bought the EU Black Phantom Edition. This year Dark Souls HAS TO BE even better and UC3 hopefully better than UC2 so I should have 2 more even more favourable games this year! My only hope is they give us a Limited Edition for Dark Souls. I'll pay ANYTHING! :D

    Yep looking forward to this game more than any other. I beat the game several times with different characters and loved it every time! I actually imported this game from the USA and played it to death then also bought the AUS Red Phantom edition when it arrived on our shores. Unfortunately, the Australian release didn't really get the marketing support it needed to develop a high player base. But the new game coming out will be a blast i'm sure!

    Oh how I love to be a prick in online games. This will be a lot of fun.

    Teabags all around!

    I wouldn't even say Demon Souls is 'difficult.' It's just a game that plays to the worst kind of masochist. Completionists eat your heart out.

    The fact it was not user-friendly at ALL and was poorly explained were more errors in execution than anything.

      I loved Demon's Souls, but you are 100% right. This game was obscure, not user friendly and filed with beginner's trap. I'm happy that Dark Souls ditched a lot of those "Didn't know it? It's OK, you'll know in NG+" moments.

    Troll shitfest in 3... 2... 1...

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