You Can’t Kill The Resident Evil Movies

You Can’t Kill The Resident Evil Movies

The Resident Evil movies are the cinematic equivalent of zombies. Just when you think they’re dead, when you won’t be subjected to them anymore, they get up and shuffle to your local cineplex.

Guess what, they’re making yet another Resident Evil flick. Tentatively called “Resident Evil 5”, this will be fifth film outing for the horror series that’s based on the popular video games.

The last Resident Evil flick, Resident Evil: Afterlife, did so-so at the domestic box office, where it took in $US60 million. Abroad, it ranked in over $US200 million, which is over twice what Resident Evil: Extinction did and more than what the first three films did put together. So you wonder why they keep making these movies? Because people (like me) in foreign countries keep seeing them (sorry).

“The movie makes money,” star Milla Jovovich said in August 2009 about the then in-production Resident Evil: Afterlife. “If it makes more money than the last one, you’d think that people want to see another one, so we’ll do another one.”

The upcoming Resident Evil flick will be in 3D and is slated to be out on September 14, 2012. Previous Resident Evil films Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Extinction and Afterlife were also released in September. They were also not very good.

‘Resident Evil’ Resurrected for Fifth Movie [Box Office Mojo][Pic]


  • The first movie was OKAY, they have just been going down hill since then.
    Also the story is all over the place, where did the last movie go? No where, the story line is dead.
    Honestly they are milking this one to the end.

    • yeah the first was good the second was decent because of jill. then jill didn’t return for the next one and it sorta went off on a wierd tangent, and now jills back but just seems like it will play out similar to RE5 which is boring

  • At least they are honest about it. It’s not art, it’s cash. If we keep buying tickets, they keep making movies.

    Paul W.S. Anderson is the Writer, Director and Producer, he is also married to Milla. The money they make between then per movie is well worth putting up with the combined groaning of the geekosphere.

    • Totally agree. I know there crappy but they are entertaining enough for my mates and me to just keep coming back for more. I don’t even care there milking it for all its worth. In my mind the games are very, very separate to the movie series.

  • Big agreement with the previous. At least the first two sort of followed the games a bit and despite some critisisms I didn’t hate the second one. But afterlife and evolution? The whole world goes to hell in a handbasket and they drive around the desert shooting things. Then they set up the great big clone invasion of Japan and you think ” ok that sucked a bit but the next one could be cool” and then number four just sort of fell on the ground and quivered like a plate of over warm jelly. and not even the good kind of jelly like raspberry or lime with little chunks of fruit in it. I’m talking that store brand chemical-y tasting stuff that would make even your grandma’s best trifle recipe inedible.

    For Nemisis’s sake come up with some sort of conclusion instead of – We just killed something! Hey look a huge mob of more things are coming to kill us – STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT POINTLESS EPISODE OF “THE PLANET CLOSURE FORGOT”!!! yay

    • Man, do they still make those tins of jelly with the fruit in? I haven’t had one of them since I was a kid. I may need to make a visit to the supermarket.

  • Of course the movies are making a lot of money. People are so dumb. Fans of the game say how “We hate it, where not going to see it..” Bla Bla Bla.
    Resident Evil:Afterlife was Canadas higesest grossing film EVER! And for foreign box office Resident Evil:Afterlife kicked major ass! The franchise makes more and more money each time, and the franchise gets better and better.
    Now for dumb ass people, stop complaining about the fucking movie not being like the game because it is. And guess what you smart asses, the games aren’t like the fucking comics(: I like it, because you never know what to expect about Resident Evil. And the storyline to the films is awesome, and extreamly easy because Alice (Milla Jovovich) explains everything in each one pretty much every single one so your not lost. People don’t go in open minded, they go in one sided but I don’t care. You guys are still seeing them! I am in love with the whole Resident Evil franchise. Alice is my favorite charchter in the WHOLE franchise(: FOREVER LIVE RE FILMS, GAMES,COMICS(:

  • I LOVVEEE RE!!! Milla does a great job as Alice, can’t wait for the next one!!!! Both movies and games kick ass!!!

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