You Won't Need A Kingly PC To Run Fable III

For those of you still excited at the prospect of playing Fable III on the PC after its long delays and, well, complete lack of cohesion, here are its system specs.


    12gb space??? For what exactly??? Better be some bloody nice textures...

    "You Won’t Need A Kingly PC To Run Fable III", you will just need to wait a hundred years, and by that time ANY PC will be able to run it...even the fisher price laptops.

    It's Fable III. This series owes me for more shattered expectations and disillusionment than any other I've ever played.

    don't bother. utter crap. when your only option is to slow dance with some straight guy on the street just to interact with them i tend to turn the game off for good. it is like a 3 year old designed it

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