Your First Look At Someone Playing Battlefield 3

Here's your first look at gameplay footage from EA's upcoming Battlefield 3. If you thought that would mean a clip free from singleplayer scripting, well, you thought wrong.

[Battlefield 3]



    Sweet, more grim and gritty military shooter action.

    Definitely haven't had enough of that

      +1. Same shit, just looks better!

        lol well what do you want then?

    Looks nice. I'm not a fan of heavily scripted campaigns though.

    Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer.

    Looks amazing, reminds me of the early half life 2 gameplay trailers for some reason

    What's the first thing you do when someone gets shot by a sniper in the open?

      You call in an A-10 Airstrike and level the entire building where you think the Sniper's @

    Fucking Drool!!!!

    Hyper meter just went over 9000!!!!

    Can't wait to get my haands on BF3 it will be awesome. Move over CoD, we got a game that won't be overhyped.

    Did I just see WASD icons? A trailer running on a PC? What topsy-turvy world is this?!

    Looking spectacular and as always, awesome sound effects.

    The gameplay appears to be from the PC version. This game just keeps looking better and better... let's just hope they don't screw up so badly at launch this time.

    love it... fanboylized...

    Reminds me a bit of Crysis 2.
    Just a lot more organized, you know what I mean?

    Holy shit that looks good.


    This is not a case of "I would like to own this game."

    This is a case of "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE"

    Good lord check out the animation! Not to mention the lighting - looks like a graphical leap over Bad Company 2, which itself looks better than the COD games.

    wow that looks great! cant wait to see what the finished product looks like!


    Looks kinda like Medal of Honor 2. The new MoH, not the WWII one. I gotta say using the BC2 cover art with a city in the background reeks of stale laziness.

    Haha! I love the well timed beep of the horn at 0:36 to mute out the f-word.

    Looks great, take my money.

      Was just about to comment on how *BeepBeep* that was too lol. And yes, quite pretty.

    Eh. CoD with better lighting.

    Though as long as they keep the multiplayer we all know and love, I cant complain.

    And singleplayer? In my Battlefield?! Blasphemy, this is not some spin off game, it's the real thing! Also, DICE, for the love of god give us some real weapons and not pea shooters. You can do more damage with the current ones by throwing them.

      What? Scared you might have to aim?! Good! Keep the weapons as they are! Just improve the netcode! Sick of dying when I've run behind a wall, or most of my bullets not registering even though the hit indicator is showing.

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