Your Latest Reboot Is Sonic The Hedgehog's Comic Book Series

Even Sonic the Hedgehog is starting over with a clean(er) slate. After 200-plus issues of Sonic's Archie Comics series, Sega's famous mascot is shedding nearly 20 years of continuity, and "going back to a simpler premise".

Sonic: Genesis will go where many comic book series have gone before, possibly killing off a major character and resetting a complex and bloated universe in an effort to welcome new readers. Sonic the Hedgehog comic book writer Ian Flynn tells Newsarama the change will have "serious ramifications".

"The Sonic comics were created back when there was a stark division between the Western and Eastern marketing campaigns, only for them to be unified in 1999, which created drastic shifts in the property's tone and art direction," Flynn says. "The Sonic books have weathered all these changes and incorporated a little bit of everything, but despite the best efforts of all the creatives over the years, not everything has perfectly meshed." Genesis is set to change that.

2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, for which Sega has interesting plans in comic book and video game form.

SONIC Attacks Continuity Issues with June's GENESIS REBOOT [Newsarama]


    looks cool, i like the art style

    Ah the proverbial reboot..

    You know your series/universe has gone on for too long and your writers have run out of ideas when you've finally hit that pinnacle of throwing every thing canon out for a restart =P

    DC did it, Marvel did it.. and now its Sonic xD

    If that is the case then isn't it sad that the Sonic team took longer to run out of ideas.

    It's only a "temporarry" reboot, guys. (Ian said so.) It's not going to destroy the entire comic's continuity & extended cast.
    Read the ENTIRE "" article.

    I heard if it does well, it may retcon/reboot the "begining" of the comic like how Sonic originally met Sally & the Freedom Fighters. (The earlier goofier issues didn't really have a set-in-stone continuity much anyways.)

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