Your PS3 Headset Isn't As Badass As This Guy's

When el8id games on his PS3, he doesn't use a regular Bluetooth headset. He uses a military-issue helmet from the 1980s, making him look more like "Maverick" than "some guy playing a video game".

Buying the helmet for $US22 from a thrift store, el8id kept some of the original wiring and components inside and replaced others with more modern updates. What he got after all that work was an all-in-one audio solution, combining stereo headphones with a microphone in a helmet that he can use not just on his PS3, but his cell phone and TV as well.

And suddenly my fancy PC headphones look like children's toys. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Handsfree Heli Helmet [Arthive, via Make]


    Very very cool, the visor would completely ruin it for me though.

      I just noticed that it looks like the visor slides up, officially making this coolest headset ever.

    Incorporating some 3D shutter glasses instead of the visor would work

      Hell yes! Now that'd be a gaming set up!

    I actually have a soviet MIG-29 helmet complete with mic and headphone attachments that I can plug into my consoles.

    Unfortunately the mic is in the mask, which makes it a bit cumbersome to wear while playing games. It's a novelty though. I should post some pics.

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