2010 Was The Year The Sony Passed Nintendo In Japan

According to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the PS3 outsold the Wii in Japan last year. The PSP also outsold the Nintendo DS. This is the first time Sony has ruled both home and portable consoles. [via Famitsu]


    hahaha.... this is a joke right?


    The total sales of the 4 platforms means that Nintendo will still be enjoying a very comfortable lead for quite some time.

      And what?

      The short piece of information above says it all, what more is there to discuss.

    Errmm.. April Fools? xD

    Tho not a very original one if it is =P

    That sale figures are for Japan market only. If we are looking at the gobal market, the figures may be totally different...

    When a product is selling better than another one does not mean the product itself is better than the other. There are many factors affect the actual sale figures: Such as advertisement effect, special discount, good game titles (may be available only in Japan language), company image (product fans) etc.

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