New Look At The Dark And Lovely Armored Core V

Do you like your giant mech games dark, grainy and gorgeously lit? Then you may want to eyeball these new screens of FromSoftware's Armored Core V, the next entry in the long-running and prolific series of mech-versus-mech games.

And if you're just realising now that there is such a thing as Armored Core V - this one's for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - you may want to catch up on the previously released but similarly handsome screens from earlier this year.

Armored Core V will be available throughout North America and Europe in 2012, according to Namco Bandai.


    Oh wow, that looks like the bee's knees to me! But I've never played an Armoured Core game before - any one care to enlighten me?

      The only AC games I've played are an arcade version, back in the late 90's, which was actually pretty awesome, and a PSP version, which was impossibly difficult/in-depth.

      The PSP game focussed on customising and tweaking. You were meant to tweak your mechs to perfection using a huge array of different gear and then let them duke it out on autopilot. If you wanted to take control yourself, you were asking for trouble. Maybe I was just impatient...
      Also, the limited controls added to the frustration.

      From what I've seen of the PS3 games, they look a lot more user friendly.

        I'm kinda picturing EMch Warrior meets Robotech - am I close?

          The ones i've played are hevily focoused on tweeking your mecs as Effluvium Boy said. You swap in and out all different parts of the mechs and then take them into battle.

          Can usualy swap out things like radiators, generators, various types of weapons, armour and mobility types (tracks, quad legs, legs, jets etc)

          You pretty much got it, though it's probbaly closer to Gundam than Robotech.

    No PC release?

    Looks like I'm sticking with Front Mission then.

    Too much radial blur!

    I never really enjoyed the AC games, and I cannot figure out why... which is odd, because I love Mechwarrior.

    So they're changing the perspective to an over the shoulder style like Gears and RE4. Interesting...

      Not really "Interesting" mate, Have you played any of them since AC2...?
      The perspective has been 3rd person since *at least* then, if not earlier.

        AC has been over the shoulder since AC1 on the PS1.

    well I have always been less of an AC fan and more of a MW fan, but any new game that has shiny looking mechs blowin crapola out of each other is sure to give me a mech-gasm

    meh, not my cup of tea. One for arcade lovers. I like my mechs slow and with terrible turning circles. Besides its alot of fun trying to get mechwarrior2 copy protection to play nice with dosbox

      Indeed. Bring forth the next Mechwarrior, dammit!

    Small robots are smaaaaaaaall.

    Come on, make another Chromehounds. Preferably on PS3 as well.

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