A New Tony Hawk Game Is In Development

Weirdly, I miss skateboarding games. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Skate 2 - these are two of my favourite games of all time, so while the soft announcement of another Tony Hawk game should send chills down my spine, I can't help but dream of a reboot that'll make me fall in love with the series again.

Despite the fact that Tony Hawk Shred sold terribly, Activision still have hope for the brand and, according to the Hawk-Man himself, it'll probably surface in 2012.

"We're going to do something probably for next year," claimed Hawk, "but I can't give too much away."

With the decline in the rhythm genre, and the paltry performance of both Ride and Shred, we're hoping for a return to a core Tony Hawk experience, one that avoids peripherals.

How about you guys - anyone out there still care about Tony Hawk? Anyone...


New Tony Hawk game likely for 2012 [GameSpot]


    What about Skate 3? that wasn't released too long ago? :P

      Skate 1 was awesome, somehow I then just got Skate 3, which was also a pretty good ball of yarn. I missed Skate 2, is it worth going back and filling that hole?

        Skate 2 is definitely worth picking up. By far the best in the series, and while it is built on the San Vanelona of Skate 1, nearly every single area has been redesigned or expanded on in some way. Include the superior version of Hall of Meat that doesn't force itself upon you, and you've got a winner.

        Skate 3, on the other hand, took place in an extremely limited and boring setting and removed functionality that was in 2. Definitely the black sheep of the Skate series.

    *drops to knees*


    After TH3, i just stopped giving a damn..

    In related news, i bought skate 2 the other week on your recommendation alone. They had a copy of skate 3 next to it for the same price, but i said "no, Mark said 2 is the go-to"...

    So i picked it up for a measly $11 during a Gametraders sale.


    I used to love the TH games, up until 3. Skate came along and blew me away with the controls and realism, and now I have a disdain for any TH game.

    Brb, gonna go switch tre flip up a 12-stair.

    "I can't give too much away"




    If it plays like the first two games, then I'll be getting it.
    If not, then I'll pass.

    Smolkowicz good to see another game being made good pass time

    I like the Tony Hawk games and, so long as it's not one that requires me to stand on a piece of plastic, I'm all for seeing another game.

    I actually liked THUG2. Last TH game I played though.

    definately keen for another addition to the core series of tony hawk. project 8 has some issues but i still obsessed over it to get all the achievements. recently played american wasteland, which was stupid but still enjoyable. i think they should continue this series on xbla and psn, strip it down and make it just the classic goals. alternatively make it a retail release and NOT copy skate in any way. we've got the skate series tony hawks should stay tony hawks and just be a hell of a lot more polished and be over the top, but in a fun way and with good goals design.....

    nuff said

    Since I was a kid I played every single Tony hawk game up to project 8 I beat almost all of them and remembered good times but now it's trying to be realistic that's why I play games to get away from reaility and have fun to bring back a redemtion to Tony hawk games would be make a thug 3 because thug2 was the best Tony hawk game ever made and it even says that right on it keep all the gameplay and keep the glitches because that also made the game to be so fun to I would just make more tricks more levels more cheats and better graphics keep the physics of the gameplay

    kareem Campbell was in thug 1 2 and thaw?

    THPS 5 should have been out. Thug 2 is my favorite due to the music and locations. I don't remember seeing Kareem Campbell in Thug 2. I think wikipedia is wrong.

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