A Team Fortress 2 Update With No Hats? What Is This?

Valve has released a sizeable Team Fortress 2 update, and for once, it's not all about hats.

It's actually about things that are useful. Like a new coaching mode, where you can jump online with someone who will teach you how to play. And a "new" map (a smaller version of Koth). And a whole bunch of improvements to everything from the quality of voice communications to the game's bots. And three new classes (Demo, Engineer & Spy) have been added to TF2's training mode.

You can read the full changelog at the link below.

[The Hatless Update]


    Why do I now have Safety Dance stuck in my head?



    And us lucky Xbox 360 owners are still playing the same version released three and a half years ago.

      It costs 10 bucks off Steam for PC, get it! It's so much easier to play on PC .. and all the updates.


        If you want to play a Valve game at its best, buy it for the best platform :)

      I'm sure you already no the solution (don't play it on xbox 360)

      I play both - think of the Xbox as 'original flavour' (having said that some new maps would be nice - forget about the weapons, they're a novelty at best)

        To think that HappyCow has never played a Payload map brings a tear to my eye.

    Pretty happy when I read in it earlier that they'd updated the bots. All the payload maps are working with bots now. The bots can use Spy properly now too including back stabbing, and sapping. The soldier will change to shotty when in close range now, and all bots will be more cautious of turrets now. Snipers will even find campy spots.
    Quite clever :D

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