Adam Jensen Lurks Within PAL Exclusive Deus Ex Collector's Edition

North America gets Deus Ex: Human Revolution on August 23. We even get the fancy Augmented Edition, packed with extras and downloadable content. What we don't get is this sexy Adam Jensen action figure. He's PAL region only.

Available in "extremely limited: quantities in "select European countries" on August 26 and Australia and New Zealand on Augst 25, the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector's Edition has one thing the Augmented Edition does not: A lovingly sculpted, fully articulate action figure of the game's hero Adam Jensen, courtesy of Play Arts Kai.

I'm jealous, but only a little bit. Adam Jensen can still be yours if you're willing to pay the right price. He just won't fit nicely inside your box.

No price has been listed for the Collector's Edition as of yet, but odds are it'll be pretty darn expensive.


    Oh no action figure of JC Denton?

    But... yes please!


    Dumb Question, doesn't Australia use PAL?

    How big is the figure?

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