Alienware Rolls Out 14-Inch Gaming Laptop

Unveiled today, Alienware's M14x starts at under $US1200, weighs less than 3.1kg and can keep you gaming for up to six hours on one charge.

The M14x may be the perfect fit for those of you who thought Alienware's 11-inch laptop was a bit to tiny for gaming on the go. This new laptop includes a second generation Intel Core i7 processor, 1600MHz DDR3 memory, up to a 3GB NVIDIA GeForce GT555M graphics "card" and 60 GHz "wireless HD technology".

The M14x seems to shave about two pounds off the 15x, and trims the size a bit, but I'm not sure there's enough of a difference there to warrant a new design.

Alienware M14x


    "can keep you gaming for up to six hours on one charge."

    I doubt that is true, from my understanding the alienware laptops do have great battery life, so long as you are only doing simple tasks. Start playing some high quality games and making the graphics card work and that battery life will be cut down to less than half.

    Still an impressive laptop, and if you're gaming on it you're probably going to have it plugged in anyway.

    I have a MX17. It's battery life is just over an hour if I am playing games and around two and a bit for watching movies. The battery life is a massive downside to an overall good laptop.

    This laptop is $2100 Australian, and only US$1200? What the hell?

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