All 646 Pokémon, Together In The Mother Of All Family Photos

Since the first game's debut in 1996, the Pokémon family has grown to number in the hundreds. Want to see what they all look like in one place? Look no further.

Here are all 646 Pokémon, the complete roster up to and including those featured in the latest games, Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

It's the work of Japanese artist and Pokémon super-fan Jippe. You can check out the artist's homepage, with plenty more Pokémon art, at the link below.



    I saw this earlier this week. It's actually missing the last three (there's 649 Pokemon), although those are new event Pokemon that are still unobtainable.

      It does however have all of the alternate formes, such as those of Giratina and Shaymin.

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