Anonymous Targets Sony, Warns Of Penises Stuck In Hornets Nests

Anonymous Targets Sony, Warns Of Penises Stuck In Hornets Nests

Militant hacker group Anonymous has launched a campaign against Sony, citing the Japanese company’s “unforgivable offence against free speech and internet freedom” after it took legal action against a pair of hackers.

As you’d expect from the group, its statements are neither polite nor subtle. It says Sony has “abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information about how your products work”, “victimised [its]own customers merely for possessing and sharing information” and of violating “the privacy of thousands of innocent people who only sought the free distribution of information”.

There are warnings of wrath, and of penises being stuck in hornets nests. More realistically, you’d expect the group to at least try and bring down a Sony website or two, and maybe even take a swing at the PlayStation Network itself.

While there will be those supportive of this campaign, is there not a more effective, presentable and mature way of doing this? Or at least or wording the campaign’s “press release”? This kind of approach makes Anonymous look worse than the hackers or Sony, which means… nobody is looking good. Way to go, everybody.



  • “While there will be those supportive of this campaign, is there not a more effective, presentable and mature way of doing this?”

    Considering Sony have law enforcement officials on leashes in this issue, I’d say no, there isn’t…

    • Yes, this. Sony have been contemptable asses about this and are long past the point of civility.

      I’ll make popcorn.

      • I third this.
        Sure this attack is counter productive, but there is a point where sony is making this whole thing a public lynching.

        At the end of the day, these hackers are people, not a multi national company that can fork out whatever compensation another thinks is owed to them.

        There is punishment, and then there is over kill in the hope that it makes an example of these guys.

    • Agreed. If the “presentable and mature” way of doing things actually worked, we’d have an R18+ video games rating by now.

  • Honestly, the only reason Anonymous as a group gets attention, and are taken seriously, is because websites like this publish articles about them. Any seasoned netizen should be aware they aren’t ‘Militant Hackers’ (Really Kotaku?), merely just a bunch of people who take great pride in being able to run a simple DDoS application at whatever happens to be annoying them this month.

    You’re part of the cycle.

  • Sony is a real piece of work – an absolute bucket of slime and they deserve to be torched… How was that for putting it politely?

    If you are on Facebook, checkout a page titled “Sony Disclosure” that will give you an idea of just how slimey this organisation is.

  • Whilst the ‘militant hackers’ part is certainly wrong, this is Anon we’re talking about. It’s not a couple hundred snot-nosed script kiddies. It’s bloody everyone. And there are Anons who can do a lot more than run a loic.exe for an hour or two with a bunch of other Anons.

    • If there are Anonymous who can do more than run DDoS scripts, why haven’t Anonymous done anything more than run DDoS scripts?

      Why are all their “attacks” simply just DDoS?

      Sounds to me, like all they have are scriptkiddies.

      • Because the idea of Anonymous is not to destroy, but to disrupt. A DDoS does exactly as its name implies, it denies service, a Denial of Service attack as it were. They don’t actually DESTROY anything but they’re annoying as hell, so can they be charged with anything but being a nuisance if caught? Nope.

        It’s quite clever really. When you have that many followers, causing a little bit of anarchy, with something so simple, it becomes quite an effective tool. Destruction doesn’t have to be the end goal, sometimes annoyance can be just as effective.

        • Of course, you can’t distrupt with anything but DDoS. DDoS is the exclusive and only way to distrupt anything.

          Oh, and no, Anonymous would destroy if they had the chance.

          • I am part of red dot and we do minor hacks we can do annoying things like DDoS but we choose not to . what ANON are doing discraces the name of hacking . hacking used to be a little buzz and helping complete games but they took it a step too far and have now brought PSN crashing down . this artical title was well chosen they are all knobs

  • so taking legal action is “abusing the judicial system” now? Or are they saying Sony’s taking too much legal action? lol

    We all use what is available to us. Hackers use whatever they can get their grubby little hands on to manipulate the state of technology and software, (even at the expense of the company’s business) and the conversely, the legal system allows Sony to take action against such hackers.

    What did you think was gonna happen?

    (I’m expecting at least 10 more people to commence assumptions about how Sony have the entire world’s police networks in their pockets and how they’re secretly working with the drug cartels with the sole purpose of persecuting hackers, and how impossible it is for the courts of the world to empathize with Sony and the damage that’s being dealt to their business)

    • I’m also welcoming any fan-fics of Phil Harrison “quiting” Sony, only to act as a secret badass liason to said drug cartels. All while sporting badass sunnies and a sexy battle scar.

      Oh, and he always carries with him a fake briefcase with machine guns in it.

    • They have every right in the world to lock up their hardware and software whilst it’s in the factory.

      Once someone’s paid for it, taxes and all, however, it becomes that person’s property. Telling people how to get past something isn’t illegal. Getting past these security measures isn’t illegal.

      Sony is out of line, and is abusing the judicial system to make a point. An invalid point, that thousands of people disagree with so strongly that they donated their money to some hacker with ‘grubby little hands’ to help him disprove it in court.

      And Anon is Anon is Anon. It’s international, laws need not (nor do they) apply.

    • Kizaru I think you can’t see for the trees.

      The point is, Sony aren’t ‘bringing a knife to a knife fight’ or even ‘bringing a gun’ to a knife fight, they’re bringing a 50 calibre machinegun mounted under an A10 warthog dropping clusterbombs backed up by F22’s dropping their own Paveway bombs.

      Essentially, Sony are going way too far in this.

      They’re definitely bullying. Chest thumping, dicksizing.

      It can really only end in bad publicity for them, they’re going to be viewed as bullies and ridiculous for their demonising of an obvious fool.

      • That’s precisely my point.

        There IS no, “going too far”. This isn’t a martial arts tournament, this isn’t a knife fight (and btw, if this were, I really doubt people wouldn’t bring a trump card in case they get their arse kicked, you see where I’m going with this?)

        I said it before and I’ll say it again, we ALL use what is available to us. Geohotz has his hacking skills, Sony have their high priced lawyers. We don’t live in a fair world. And just as Anonymous have proved that they have a great means to eff with anyone who dare crosses them, Sony has and is doing just the same to Geohotz.

        Circle of Life.

        There is no “fair”. There are resources deemed appropriate for use and the consequences (good or bad) for using them. You might as well blame the judicial system for allowing any company the right/power to do what they have granted Sony.

  • Oh, boo hoo. Hackers are getting what’s coming to them.

    I frankly don’t care what legal precedent this sets. Hackers do nothing but steal games under the guise of “OH IT ISN’T STEALING I MAKE COPY THE GAME SUCKS I WASN’T GONNA BUY IT ANYWAY”.

    Then they go around banning people from PSN, PC online games, 360 or Wii games and their online.

    Their actions stopped being harmless once they began targeting legitimate gamers. So no, I hope Geohot rots for this.

  • If you had a house that you claimed that It could not be broken into and somebody did and is inspiring other thieves to break in, you wouldn’t step back and let them get away with it would you? No body in the neighbourhood would like it either. Unless they are in on it, or plain and simply don’t like the person who got robbed.

    • If you had a house, filled with goodies and shiny baubles which you waved in everybody’s faces and then started selling them for a mint only to turn around and say that you will only let them touch and play with them through the security bars on your windows and doors, and then started spouting off about how no one can get them out to have for themselves, well, that’s a prime example of throwing down the gauntlet if I ever heard of one.

      If you are indeed stupid enough to do all that posturing and not have the googlies to back it up, then you deserve all the pillaging you get

  • I sorta view the DDoS attacks as the digital age version of the picket line, and I’m sort of okay with it.
    As for Sony, I love the products, but hate the company.

  • These guys are not crafty hackers. Big deal a DDoS attack. A 12 year old nuke boosting hacker can do that. Personally, I am glad Sony has taken a stand. I pay $60 for a game where a bunch of no life want-to-be hacks think they are so smart in hacking up a game like Black Ops. Grow a pair and learn how to play a game without hacking it!

    You would never know if a true hacker has hacked anything. They leave no trace and never lay claim. Please.. Militant Hackers… yeah right.

  • These guys are a bunch of no clue idiots I love the whole “victimised [its] own customers merely for possessing and sharing information” kind of hypocritical considering the only people who will suffer from this childish crap is the average poor sod who just wants to fire up their ps3 and have a bit of online gaming.
    I’m tired of these morons trying to attach some lofty goals to there actions which amount to nothing more than digital masterbation

  • The thing with Anon is for every positive action they do theres 10 negitive actions that they do. Who ever they side with on any issue, they make that side look immature to greater majority. In this day and age the moral high ground is where you win victories.

    When anon decided to attack the government over conroy’s filter, it hurt the anti fliter cause but giving the pro filter side the moral high ground to spout that it proves that anti filter opponents are nothing but immature people.

    • I assume you meant to say:

      “[by] giving the pro filter side the moral high ground to spout that it proves that anti filter opponents are nothing but immature people.”

      unfortunately, I couldn’t grok the rest of that sentence because my brain got stuck on the double negative. Aren’t “anti filter opponents” actually “pro filter proponents” and if so, doesn’t this invalidate your whole argument?

  • Hackers were idiots, they alienated the ones they were supposed to liberate. Go hack AOL , not the network that is free to play and a nation that suffered a tsunami at that. What posers you are.

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