Another Hint That Portal 2 May Be Releasing Early

The Valve-owned domain tossed up a countdown whose timer expires at 11am EDT/8am PDT tomorrow (1am AEST). Rumours, abetted by easter eggs, have hinted that the game is arriving a week ahead of its announced April 19 date. Hey, it's either that or Half Life 2: Episode 3.


    The 15th is a week before the 19th? Who knew?

      Ahh it's from the American site we all know they are inferior to the great serrels

      it's a week in Valve time

        I thought a week in valve time was more like a month.

          And that would be a particularly good week of Valve time...

    From looking in to this, my speculation is that this will be a release of a demo of some sort. So far Valve has hinted at 'bridging the gap between portal 1 and 2' and another easter egg contained information from a scientist indicating that he had 'early access to a number of labs'.

    So my money is on the countdown / easter eggs to relate to a demo that gives you an intro into the game but also some more back story. Sort of like what EA did with C&C4 and the special pre-story mission preorders got.

    I have been following valve ARG2 since it's inception (a game within a game within a dream??? sorry too much ARG IRC.. oh and all hail the mighty gabetato) it's been AWESOME!!! valve is awesome for doing this!!!

    FYI the unofficial valve ARG wiki (not self promotion just FYI):

    Anyway lots of theories about whats going to be unlocked, the simplest being early release to those with the golden potato or perhaps more videos/unique content... only time will tell

    EP3 announcement? Maybe! we can always dream!

    seriously how the hell did i miss that portal 2 was out next week.
    i was so oblivious to that.
    im so excited now, portal 2 for the long easter weekend, thats freaking awesome

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