Another Rei Ayanami Figure For The Pile

Neon Genesis Evangelion's Rei Ayanami is an iconic character. Iconic characters mean one thing in Japan. Wait. They actually mean several things, but most notable is how that soft power translates into hard, plastic figures.

For anyone who's been paying attention to the world of Japanese sculpted figures since 1995 (and if you haven't, listen up), there have been literally a gajillion Rei Ayanami figures. Here's another one! This 1/7 scale statue is from respected model maker Kotobukiya, purveyors of fine plastic nerd heroine.

Out this month and yours for ¥7,140 (US$84).

もうすぐ発売の、良いケツフィギュア コトブキヤ「ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版 綾波レイ ~プラグスーツstyle.~」PVCサンプル []


    'The Pile'? It's capitalised? Is it a 'thing' now? Is 'The Pile' some sort of depository for creepy PVC anime figures? I NEED TO KNOW.

      Take a look at some other post headings on this site. Notice anything?

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