Answering Questions About Vibrators Is So Embarrassing

Answering Questions About Vibrators Is So Embarrassing

Making video games that support them, however, is totally awesome. In 2002, game designer Testuya Mizuguchi made a “trance vibrator” for his synethesia shooter Rez. The trance vibrator even came in a washable “protective glove”.

You could rub it against your vagina if you liked – something website gamegirladvance found out first hand (NSFW review here).

Website Nederob asks Mizuguchi if he’d like players to do something similar with his latest games, Child of Eden. Awkwardness ensues!

Child of Eden zonder drugs maar met seks! [Nederob]


  • Answering a question is not that hard but being asked something too personal is different. Being accused of using vibrators is better that being asked if you are using it. It’s embarrassing especially when you are a public figure but your honesty may be understood by all.

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