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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.

I'm re-posting last week's Ask Me Stuff, so I can get round to answering the questions posted when I was on holiday last week - but drop more questions in and I'll get to it this afternoon!


    I asked this previously, and apologies if I missed the answer, but have MS coughed up a date for voice control of our Kinect yet? Are they hoping we will just sort of forget about it after awhile?

      Probably the second

      Pretty good chance we'll have R18+ before Microsoft give a shit about Aussie gamers. The NBN will be rolled out before both..

      I hassled like crap about it, but nothing. They'll tell us when they know I guess.

    What's your most anticipated 3DS game at the moment?

      Pokemon Gen 6
      Dragon Quest 11
      Final Fantasy 5/6 3D

        I'm thinking we'll get a 3D remake of Ruby and Sapphire and possibly a 3D Pokemon Grey before we get gen 6.

      Metal Gear Solid 3D

      I hate to have this be a remake, but I love MGS3: Snake Eater so much. I've played through Ocarina of Time too many times to get excited about a remake - but Snake Eater?


    Mark -

    1: Where are you out of the office to?

    2: Have you ever lost any precious data, from pictures to game saves? Do you back your stuff up?

    3: What do you drink / eat in the morning to wake up?

    4: Will you sign my autograph?

      I'll dive in on a few of these for kicks...

      1. He's off showing a Scottish mate / tourist around Sydney.

      2. I lost precious data once. ONCE. In the time before CD-R drives were commonplace, so backups were about floppy or maybe ZIP disks, I had a desktop stolen. Worst thing I lost was my Diablo save game -- I was just completing my 2nd playthrough! ARGH!

      3. I drink tea, don't eat much before lunch. My cereal of choice is a blend of Sultana Bran and Just Right (with the apricots removed).

      4. That was a question for Mark...

        You can sign the autograph, you know... Mark doesn't have to know!

        How did you restrain yourself from yelling at the old dude on Sunrise?

          It's a lot easier when you know what they're going to say because they never have anything new.

    WWE results. Today?

      Mark's off, so probably not today. Unless he's working while he's not working...

    Do u know of any games or developers that have been directly influenced by Jenova Chen's work or his desire to broaden the emotive range of games?
    I'm looking for examples for an essay.

      Hmmm. Tough one - Jason Rohrer? Although he does a fair bit of influencing himself.

      I think you'd have to really dive into the indie realm for this one.

    I DEMAND ANSWERS!!! Ahem...

    Pretty sure that plenty of other sites have already asked this question of EA and EA are obviously being quiet... but perhaps some more badgering is required.

    Burnout Crash (PS360) INFO REQUIRED STAT!!!

    Main Question - Is Criterion Games developing it?

    Assumed sequel to Paradise as Criterion themselves said that post support was finished when the Island pack was launched. Anything of interest would be good.

      I saw a story mention that people known to be working for Criterion hinted at this Burnout game in their LinkedIn profiles... so in answer... please oh please oh please oh please oh please...

    How awesome has this WWE comp been?!

    Have you laughed so hard, like me, that milk came out of your nose, even though you're not even drinking milk at all?!?!

    Also.. as i asked in TAY... Duke Balls Of Steel Edition? Rad or Sad?

    Also Also - i like big butts, and i cannot lie - are you an other brother that wants to deny?

      It was my favourite comp so far. The entries were next level.

    Have you played Lego Star Wars III? If so, did you enjoy it?
    Also, how about you do some mod reviews? There are a lot of mods that make the games completely different from what they originally where, so I think we need some reviews of the best mods on Kotaku.

      I haven't played LEGO Star Wars III - although I did consider getting on 3DS.

      Mod reviews are a great idea. I'll chuck it in the vault.

    I might be blind, but was there a "The week in games" post this week? I've looked but can't find anything. Maybe there are no new releases this week? But usually there is some shovelware to warrant a post.

    Boxers, briefs or commando?

      Commando wins every time

      Commando under briefs under boxers

    Any word on the new XCOMM? Also, were you as disappointed with Crysis 2 as I was when I figured out you could just stealth and run through pretty much the whole game unless it was a hold this area objective? Game breaker right there.

      And that was on super soldier difficulty too.. :/

      You don't think that's cool? You, as a player, made the choice to not engage any enemies and take the stealth route and the game allows you to do so. It doesn't have scripted fights in all the areas that mean stealth becomes useless.

      How is player choice a "game breaker"?

      I mean, the buggy AI and x-ray vision possessing enemies is more akin to "game-breaking" than the fact you can slip by some of the fights.

        Well that's true, but I don't know, it didn't feel stealthy like the old splinter cells etc. More like no clipping from doom ;)

          Yeah, now you mention it it does kinda feel like that... :/


            I still enjoyed most of it though, but I'm guessing that's because I only realised in the last 3 missions or so.

            Sooo.. Any good games coming out soon? I'm pretty damn bored of what I've got lying around.

    Who is the new NSW AG and what is his stance on the R18+ issue?

      Probably that thus issue needs public consultation

      Greg Smith (Coalition), and he hasn't formally said anything about it yet.

      He has a reputation as progressive on legal issues, but his record on social policy looks conservative. I don't know anything about him...

      Trust me - as soon as I know you'll know.

      Have been hassling his office constantly!

    Assuming one could get a copy of mortal kombat in Australia, do you think online multiplayer would still work? Swear I read something about servers being country specific or something?

      Yeah, I'd read the multiplayer would be "region" specific to eliminate lag.

      My understanding was that it would use the ping between players to setup the "region", so you could only play against players within a reasonable proximity.

      Although, they could well be definitive geographical regions... Maybe Serrels knows more.

      I honestly don't think you'll have any problems outside of the normal latency we have to deal with in Aus.

    There was a rumour that the TV show Gamesmaster might be making a return. With the legendary Dominik Diamond off farming in Canada, and after seeing a couple of your videos (Wresling & cooking)AND your facination with 'pants' (or lack thereof) I wondered if you would consider taking over his role?

      I used to read the magazine of that TV show when I was a kid. Don't think we actually had the show here.

      Sega Power was a waaaay better mag!

      I used to work at Future Australia, which does the Gamesmaster mag. So I know for a fact that the show is actually coming back. No idea of the format though.

      One of my mates actually congratulated me on fulfilling my life long dream of becoming Dominik Diamond.

      On closer inspection I'm probably more Dexter Fletcher. :(

    Will euro copies of MK have language options?

      Most European versions of games have multiple language options eg: French, Dutch, German etc. If you get it from anywhere in the UK it should have English as the default language.

    Does the light go off when you shut the fridge door?

    Max Payne 3 in the news recently. 3 articles in the last week (IIRC).

    In your opinion, does this kind of sudden coverage often pre-empt a bigger announcement (like release date)?

    Someone suggested E3 is coming out... will MP3 be officially release-dated then, do you think?

      Yep. Rockstar tend to pimp one game at a time and really focus on that.

      Once LA Noire comes out you'll see that pumped into overdrive.

    How often do you get writers block/struggle getting an article finished?

    Is the Kotaku community nagging you too much and becoming too needy, or do you enjoy everyone fighting for your undivided attention? :P

      My official line used to be that writer's block was for pussies.

      Then I got writer's block.

      I love people fighting for my attention. I'm a needy and shallow human being.

    If you choke a smurf, what colour does it turn?

    Mark -

    Do you think a Wolverine game done in the exact same style as Assassin's Creed but in Japan (and actually be good) would be viewed as a cheap-assed rip off in or the greatest superhero game ever?

      Should be set in Madripoor instead of Japan and then you got a great game!


        But only if there was a 'Patch' alternate outfit.

      Not sure about you, but I simply loved X-Men Origins: Wolverine and would be gloriously happy if they made a sequel in any setting, with the same controls, visual style.

      I went through the game about 3-4 times straight, mopping up trophies, etc and fatigue never set in.

      There was only one bad thing about the game, the final boss was a cheating bastard! :p

      Wasn't that transformers game a rip off of Gears of War? People liked that didn't they?

      [Chuloopa troll - ACTIVATE]

      I wouldn't really mind playing that game. Better than having it be a sup-par God of War rip off.

    What's your 3DS Friend code?

      My 3DS is dead because the battery life is RUBBISH.

      I'm sure I've posted it a bunch in other posts on Kotaku...

    Why are you going to be out of the office for a lot of tomorrow? Did this morning's news make you decide that you want to go shopping for an Android phone?

      Android? EEWWW

      [Elly and Angus Kidman Troll - ACTIVATE]

      Nah, my best friend from Scotland came to visit, so I was showing him around Sydney.

    What is the correct amount of clearance between a cat5 cable and 3 phase power lines. I am trying to find some info online but not having much luck, other than the odd person saying 'oh yeah, you can put them beside each other, it'll be fine' WRONG.

    Might have to see if I can find a kind electrician to let me know... I do actually have one in the family, but I'm not sure if he'll know.

      My brother is actually an electrician. He might know the answer to this question.

      I don't!

    Do you or anyone have a idea when the splinter cell remakes be released and what's up with the delays with it.
    It has been pushed back at least twice now.

    Add me on 3DS?

      Once I've charged my 3DS I'll try and add you. I've got loads of people I'm supposed to add!

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