Aussie Nintendo Store - Adventuring 2.0

Well after last weeks complete lack of games, this week I'm happy to report that there's something for Nintendo fans to download, well if you own a Wii. Australia misses out any DSiWare titles this week, but don't worry you probably didn't want them anyway. So what have we got?

Virtual Console Adventure Island II (Hudson, NES, 500points) - The classic adventure sequel on the NES is back, take up your Axe as Master Higgens takes on four evil dinosaurs and a witch on a otherwise nice island. Damn those dinosaurs, they just can't let anyone have any fun.

WiiWare Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 2 (Ludia, 500 points) Where's Wally? Well he's on the Wii again this week. This part two adventure plays very much like part 1 just with more puzzling fun. Oh and that wizard, he is a funny one! For all the jokes though, they're not bad games.

Alright who wants to count the weeks until the eShop launches?


    eshop can't get here fast enough. I need some Zelda loving til Ocarina is released. And no, the NDS Zelda games will not fill that void.

    Where the hell is Cave Story for DSi Ware? For gods sake.

    Aussie Nintendo Store Update.

    Vooks loves self inflicted torture.

    Free Download.

      Every week is a continued dagger in the heart.

      I pray for it to be a bad week, means I can have more fun. :P

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