Aussie Nintendo Store - Zoonies Ignition

It's almost May, so the eShop is near but there's still some 2D fun to pick up this week, and it's actually worth having a look this time. Wii owners as well get a splash of freshness in the Virtual Console library.

WiiWare The Ignition Factor (SNES - 900 Points) This one is a Fire Fighter simulation essentially and is a special 'import' game with a higher price. Take control of a brave fire fighter and all his equipment as you tackle fires and have all the girls swoon over you. Well only one of those things is true.

DSiWare Zoonies - Escape from Makatu (500 Points) Oh look at DSiWare game that isn't, I repeat, isn't a simple puzzle game! Here we have a puzzling platformer! Take control of Leo the tiny lion as he runs from the Evil shaman Makatu and his savage tribe of Tuba warriors.

Bonus Round: Last week because I was off eating chocolate in middle of nowhere on holiday I missed writing the update, Nintendo did their best not to have anything up for Aussies but they got me! There was one game and it was Valet Parking 1989. A time management game based on you guessed it, Valet Parking. It’s also set in the 1980s. Funny.

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