Bad Company 2 Makes Statistics Look Sexy

Simi Zeko is a man who studies graphic design and computers. So when a college project had him combining the two, he decided to present some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 statistics in a very fetching way.

Collating a wide range of player data from the top player of each of the game's three platforms, Zeko combined everything into a report. Not a digital report. An actual paper report, in a folder and everything.

Everything from headshots to playing time to kill counts is there, and then broken down further to display each of the three's preferences and performance playing the game's multiplayer classes like Engineer and Medic.

[Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Leading Players Comparison by Simi Zeko]


    I believe the term for this is "infographic" and it's pretty nicely done.

    Dear EA,

    Employ this guy as he has potential.

    Random Citizen

    Looks nice, but it is annoying to actually try and read.

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