Battlefield Play4Free Pulls The Trigger On Open Beta

The war between the US and Russia escalates today as EA's browser-based shooter Battlefield Free2Play enters open beta, allowing gamers everywhere to enter the fray with the default equipment or pay to play the tricked-out way.

Signing up for an EA account and a quick download is all it takes to get started in Battlefield Free2Play, the more serious cousin to EA's first free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes. Choose a role, customise your appearance, and join the battle between US and Russian forces.

I opened my account this morning and was dying horribly within minutes.

Players willing to shell out a little cash can rent or buy enhanced weapons, buy custom clothing pieces, or even rent their own server, allowing friends to play together without worrying about players like me showing up and ruining the balance of power.

Head to the game's official website to get started earning experience today.


    Or you could just play BF2

    The lag is terrible in these games if you're not in America.

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