Beauty And The Geek Looking For Aussies

Look, I'm not saying that any of you guys are 'geeks', but just in case some of you happen to classify yourselves as such, channel 7 are calling out for Australians to audition for the next series of Beauty and the Geek. I wear contact lenses now, so I'm obviously way to cool for this, but I'd totally love for a Kotaku reader to get on the show. In fact, that's just about the only thing that would force me to watch it.

The application ends July 20 and, according to the ad, they're looking for "BIG HEARTED BEAUTIES with vibrant personalities who love being the centre of attention and who are definitely more into their looks than books. And ACADEMICALLY GIFTED YET SOCIALLY AWKWARD GEEKS with a love of technology, sci-fi, comics, maths, computers, etc."

Yes, stereotypes can be fun. I totally dare someone to apply, just to see what happens. Go on!

Calling all Beauties and Geeks… [MyCastingnet]


    I would apply, but it appears that I still have a shred of self-respect. Don't ask me how that's managed to last so long, it's a mystery to me.

    Ignoring the fact that I have too much self respect to appear on Reality TV (or Channel 7), I don't think I'd be geeky enough.

      well if ur that insecure u have to make stupid comments like that. and u have time too.. u probably would be.

    Do I qualify?

    Actually, on second thoughts, I remember the kind of girls that were on the show last season... I think I'll pass... xD

      'Ang on. It doesn't say what GENDER the "BIG HEARTED BEAUTIES with vibrant personalities who love being the centre of attention and who are definitely more into their looks than books" have to be...


        Good point Tad, so I take it your application has now been submitted

        IT'S A TRAP! xD

    I would apply if I wasn't married, just to see what would happen.

    Should I do it?

    ....OK apparently the wife thinks I shoudn't.....

    Going by last season, it would seem that the producers believe that the litmus test for having a 'big heart' means that everything else in the chest area is pushed straight out ...

    ... if you know what I mean ...

    Holy crap, this show is still on air?

    I'm far too good looking and more a cross between a geek and a nerd.

      So that would be...

      a neek? or a gerd? xD

      (yes i'm bored <.<)

    Tempting, but while I'm intelligent I don't have the paperwork to prove it.
    Also pretty geeky, but again, it's a matter of proving it.

    bahahaha just mentioned it to the girlfriend, and I didn't even get an answer.... just one of 'those' looks! lol

    I may be a complete NERD but I'm a MARRIED complete nerd.

    The 80's called. They want their "Revenge of the Nerds" stereotypes back now Channel Seven.

    Reality TV. Deciding what reality is for over 10 years :P

    I feel like I'm at an awkward family dinner where one of my distant relatives is trying to hint to me that it's a good time to find a nice girl and settle down.

    Except this time it's on Kotaku, it's Mark Serrels and it's a good time to further stereotypes.

    Also, Mark, you look really good in those glasses.

      The elderly relatives are the WORST.

    I met the winners of the first season (I think, could have been second, I've never watched the show) at the pub a while back, and I never would have picked either of them as being eligible for the show (well apart from the beauty's looks), to the point that I later had to Google it for confirmation.
    So either the show works wonders, or they play up the socially awkward/blonde aspect a heap (no surprises if it's the later though).

      Oddly enough, I had the same thing twice. I bumped into one of the first season contestants during my tutorial and I didn't know until my group member pipped up that he was in Beauty and the Geek after the tutorial.

      The second time was during the Telstra 500 where I was talking to one of the promo girls and as I walked away, I heard her fried say that I was the first guy that didn't mention she was on Beauty and the Geek so it does make me think a bit. :P

    Never had any respect for Reality TV shows that are just fake. Even IF I went on and successfully picked up the beauty, once the shows over she'll never speak to me again :(

    I doubt I'm geeky enough either, unless talking down other people calling them "humans" is good enough to be awkward :P

    I have something I'd like to call foul on.

    On the first season of this show, each contestant had their individual intro at the start of the show. The girls just pranced around looking like gangers and that's fine because that's exactly what got them on the show.

    But each of the nerds was shown apparently "solving" a Rubik's Cube. Speaking as an avid speedsolver those guys had no idea what they were doing. Just putting a Rubik's Cube in someones hands doesn't make them smart. It's even more hilarious because they obviously have no idea how work work it at all.

      Just send them that comment as an application. Pitch perfect nerdy nitpicking. (Which incidentally is the name of my first album)

    The only reality show I want to see more of is Average Joe.

      Man, Average Joe was excellent.

      Amazing though it sounds...
      As someone who plays the bagpipes, I already despise myself... going on national tv and being made a laughin stock of, just isn't my thing.

    Shit like this is why I've abandoned TV for New Media.

    I'd join if only to stop them showing the first season, you know, the one they've been showing for the past like 3 years.

    Just kidding, Im not joining that crap.

    You had at least 2 readers in there last season...

    I actually work with the dude that won last years beauty and the geek. Didn't really think he was that big a geek.....

    I went to school with tim from the last season, the astrophysicist feller. I cant remember, but I think he came second ?

      i want to participate in any show of Australia
      but m from India. how can I. I wanna b there in Aus. i lke it :( :( :'(

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