Because Nothing Says World Of Warcraft Like Hockey Jerseys

It speaks volumes for the popularity of World of Warcraft that you can see a thing like "Official Reebok Hockey Jersey" and know that not only is it a real thing, but that there'll be plenty of people who will buy one.

These are high-quality, actual hockey jerseys manufactured by sportswear giant Reebok (or at least its parent company Adidas), and come in two variants (Alliance or Horde) and two types (vanilla or customised).

The vanilla ones ($US100) will just ship with the colours and logo of your chosen faction. The customised ones ($US160) let you add numbers and your character's name.

Just in case the whole thing wasn't dorky enough already.

They're available from Swagdog.

[via PC Gamer]


    I've never played WOW at all, but they are pretty cool... would love to see other games get hockey jersey variants.

    Who cares if it wouldn't suit, but something like Red Dead Redemption branded, hell even a GT one!

    Bit too pricy for me, but I'd still love one!

    Overpriced. Sure they're RBK Edge cuts, but still - I can buy a team jersey for that same price, and they're far better design-wise.

    Shame though, I'd actually have bought one for practice sessions (never have enough jerseys!) if they weren't so overpriced.

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