Beyond Good & Evil HD Will Be Out On The PS3 Very Soon

I loved the HD re-release of Beyond Good & Evil. But so far, it's only on Xbox 360. What if you have a PS3? Why, you'll be able to play it in May.


    I have a 360 and share the love I say!
    As much as possible should go multi-platform!

    May is so very far away, I wish it were only a day, because I'd like to play, okay? So why don't you stay to keep my desire at bay - you can bake me a tray of crepes suzette flambe, what do you say? Que?

    Yes! Great news!

    I wish the flipside to this story is that the HD remake of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time doesn't stay exclusive to the PSN and comes out on XBLA.

    But indeed, more people need to play this game. It's a gorgeous piece of work.

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