Black Ops Mod Tools Should Arrive In May

A PC mod toolkit for Call of Duty: Black Ops should release next month, according to this Treyarch developer (and retweeted by community manager Josh Olin.) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 disappointed many when it did not release mod tools. Treyarch promised last year that Black Ops would bring them back.


    so most likely a week or 2 after the 2nd map pack, so they can make some money before people actually release quality maps + clones of the DLC ones

      Well it wont be coming out when the PC version. The Release of the PC DLC is always unknown. We only got the first DLC pack 1 or 2 weeks ago.

        I just the whole my lunch.

        When the PC what?

    Excellent! Maybe i might buy BO for the PC now.

    Serious? But if you let millions of people create content for your game how can you exploit them and sell a few maps for the price a whole game?

      shut up damit

      they release these mod tools because us pc mappers give them better ideas as to their next games content. the new perk in ascension called stamin-up? yeah that perk was in the realism mod but it was called endurance. thats only one example.

    Eagerly awaiting cloned DLC maps then.

    Clones are never as good, because the really good mappers aren't as many as you think. Many of them have moved on, or would choose another Title...

    The CoD Modding Community was pretty small when i was switching from Unreal Tech to Quake(CoD) and the really good maps will be counted on both hands, not in hundreds.

    Mybe CoD as of late could have been better, but IW stands on a different level where Treyarch at least will release the mod kit. There was no excuse for IW to not and to be honest the gameplay with MW2 wouldv'e been much more streamlined with more control over games, plus a server browser. Sad for Cod fans.

    But this is good faith and i hope Treyarch sees this through as it would make all of us look good, for those who can look beyond the throwback comments.


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