Bungie Looking For Beta Testers For New Project

Whatever Bungie's latest project is, be it a Sci-fi MMO or not, the team are currently looking for beta testers, as advertised on their website. I'd imagine there will be quite the influx of requests, but it might be worth your while giving it a try.

You'll have to go through a survey of your gaming habits and what not - we'd imagine that Bungie is looking for a wide spectrum of different types of gamers, so this probably isn't the time or place to boast about your mad Team Fortress 2 skillz.

The project won't be a Halo title, Microsoft's 343 Industries is now in control of that IP, but we've heard reports that it'll be a shooter, with RPG elements set in a persistent world.

Time will tell.

Bungie Relaunches Its Beta Tester Program [MTV Multiplayer]


    If you're a bungie.net you can tick a box in your profile to be considered for beta-testing. They sent out emails afew weeks back but so many people responded it broke the website.

    They have, however, assured people who didn't respond quickly enough that they haven't lost their place in line. :)

      Ugh, bungie.net MEMBER^, I meant.

    Thanks for the heads up Mark :)

    Was expecting some sort of system requirements analysis on our computer, like BioWare did for the beta of The Old Republic, but it was just like a marketing survey.

    Anyway, wish anyone who's applied good luck, I'm sure it's gonna be a great experience for anyone who gets to take part in the beta.

    This is actually open for Australian residents? Hooray for Bungie

    Cheers for the heads up. I was shattered when I got an email last time around and everything had crashed. Would love to do my bit for Bungie, though. :)

    Good luck to all!

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