Buy This Incredible Retro Games Collection!

Man. This collection. These photographs. Wow. This chap decided he was going to sell his entire retro games collection. It's up on e-bay now and, even if you have no intention of putting in a bid, it's worth checking out - just for the sheer spendour of it all.

The collection contains the following (deep breath)...

Atari 2600 games x 274 Atari 7800 games x 11 NES games x 133 Sega Megadrive games x 57 Sega master system games x 61 Commodore VIC - 20 cartridges x 20 Super nintendo games (US) x 8 Super nintendo games x 43 N64 games x 52 Game gear games (in cases) x 15 Gameboy games (in cases) x 50 Gameboy games x 41 Atari Lynx games x 10 commodore 64 loose tape games x approx 100 Amiga boxed games / software x 63 C64 games and software boxed x 36 Sega master system games boxed x 175 Sega mega drive games boxed x 181 Amiga CD32 Games / manuals w/o box but in original CD case x 43 Amiga CD32 Magazine coverdisks (with game demos, PD games etc) x 54 IBM COMPAT boxed games / software x 40 Intellivision boxed games x 32 Sega Saturn Boxed games x 36 Sega Saturn Jap games x 10 NES boxed games x 61 SNES boxed games x 10 Nintendo 64 boxed games x 14 Atari 2600 boxed games x 61 Atari 7800 boxed games x 5 Gameboy boxed games x 13 Sega game gear boxed games x 10 Amiga CD32 Boxed Games x 8 Amiga 500 Boxed x 3 Amiga 512Kb ram expansion boxed x 2 Atari Lynx Boxed games x 6 Gameboy pocket Boxed x 2 N64 boxed rumble pak x 1 Super nintendo backup system (SFII) boxed but not working x 1 NES Control deck boxed x 3 NES Action set control deck boxed x 1 SNES scope 6 gun boxed x 1 Amstrad NC100 computer boxed x 1 Maniac electronic game (from 1970's) boxed x 1 REX credit card sized organiser boxed x 1 LCD Baseball boxed x 1 Sega Game gear boxed x 1 Game Star programmable control pad boxed x 1 Colecovision expansion module (play atari on colecovision) boxed x 1 Concord TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Bintatone TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Commodore 1530 Dataset boxed x 1 Atari 7800 system boxed x 2 Atari Lynx II boxed x 2 Sega Mega Drive menacer gun boxed x 1 Cyber maxx virtual reality system boxed x 1 Tandy computer cassette recorder boxed x 1 Hanimex TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Sheen TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 2 Amiga image scanner boxed x 2 C64 easypad tablet boxed x 1 Aura interactor game wear boxed x 1 Alter image for Amiga boxed x 1 Alter Audio for Amiga boxed x 1 Sega Mega Drive II console boxed x 1 Toshiba 64K home computer boxed x 1 Super Nintendo control set boxed x 1 NES Family Fun Fitness boxed x 1 Pacman tabletop game x 1 Dick Smith Pucki monsters table top game x 1 Nintendo gameboy carry case x 2 Atari lynx II x 5 Atari Lynx I x 1 gameboy console x 6 Gameboy color console x 2 gameboy pocket console x 3 Sega gamegear console x 8 Colecovision games x 6 Psion series 3 palmtop x 2 Psion series 3a palmtop (with faulty hinge) x 1 HP 320lx windows ce palmtop (no stylus) x 1 HP 360lx windows ce palmtop (no stylus) x 2 Psion revo palmtop 8mb (with faulty hinge) x 2 casio organiser x 1 sharp organiser x 1 Psion revo organiser 16mb (german i think) x 1 sharp wizard x 1 sharo ZQ-6600 organiser x 1 Psion 128k SSD card x 5 Psion series 3a games SSD card x 1 Psion series 3 spell check + thesaurus card x 1 Commodore 1701 monitor x 1 Commodore 1084s monitor x 3 IBM EGA monitor x 1 Apple RGB monitor x 1 Apple G3 imac x 1 Apple 5500 powermac x 1 Apple IIc x 2 Apple II 7" monitor x 1 Amstrad 640k laptop x 1 Apple mac classic II x 2 Apple Mac LC II x 1 Atari Lynx extended battery pack boxed x 1 Zoomer joystick (for C64, amiga, atari etc...) x 1 Amiga 500 motherboards (faulty) x 3 Tandy color computer II x 2 Toshiba 386 gas plasma screen laptop x 3 Amiga 2000 motherboard x 1 Amiga 2000 / IBM PC bridgeboard card x 1 Amiga 1000 computer with keyboard x 1 IBM 80286 computer x 1 Amiga A570 CD drom drive (no caddy) x 1 Atari Lynx carry case x 3 Intellivision computer add-on x 1 Commodore 1541 II disk drive x 5 Amiga A500 x 2 Colecovision steering wheel + pedal x 1 Commodore 1750 ram expansion x 1 Commodore 64 / 128 x 1 Beam rifle (for 1970's tv games) boxed x 1 Hanimex tv game x 1 Amiga A1200 (540mb hdd, 8mb ram expansion, wb 3.1) x 1 Amiga 1960 high res monitor x 1 Intellivision keyboard x 1 Commodore 64c x 1 Atari 2600 vadar console x 2 Atari 2600 woodgrain console x 1 Commodore magic voice x 1 Amiga A600 x 2 Commodore 64 breadbox system x 1 Amiga 500xp harddrive + 2mb ram expansion x 1 Atari XE x 1 Atari 7800 x 1 Commodore 64 tape games in cases x 15 Amstrad CPC464 system x 1 SG pro joystick boxed x 1 Sega megadrive II console x 18 Texas instruments 99/4a computer x 1 VZ300 ram expansion x 1 Sony playstation 1 console x 4 Atari 2600 rainbow console x 5 Sega Saturn console x 3 Sega master system power base console x 6 Sega master system II console x 2 Nintendo 64 console x 6 Nintendo NES console x 8 Super NES console x 3 Commodore 64 freeze frame cartridge boxed x 1 commodore 64 freeze frame cartridge x 1 commodore 64 action replay cartridge x 1 commodore 64 fast load cartridge x 2 commodore 64 voice master x 1 Apple II external disk drive 5 1/4 x 4 Apple IIg x 2 Atari 800 x 1 Commodore 16 x 1 Suncom touch tablet (commodore 64?) x 1 Sega megadrive console (jap) x 2 sega megadrive console x 4 Intellivision intellivoice x 1 Aquarius video game system x 1 Commodore tape drive x 3 Commodore 1531 tape drive boxed x 1 commodore 64 disk drive boxed x 1 Box of NES, SNES, N64 controllers, power adapters etc... x (couldnt be bothered counting...) Box of Atari, c64, amiga etc... joysticks, control pads, mice accessories etc.. x (couldnt be bothered counting) Box of sega master system / megadrive control pads, joysticks, phaser gun power adapters etc.. x (couldnt be bothered counting)

The pics are spectacular, as is the collection itself. The collection is for pick up only and is based in Junee, Australia.

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    That is just amazing!!!

    Fascinating. What drove this guy to collect it all in the first place?

    I haven't yet checked to see if I won the $25 Million Oz Lotto last night... but if I did, then I'm paying off my house, buying this, then buying a new house to store all this! :)

    It would suck for him if he got that stuff out there and a storm suddently rolled in.

    I've got several tubs of NES/SNES/64 games amongst other systems but nothing like that. Thats quite impressive, more so for someone who lives in Australia.

      My first thought when I saw the photos "I wonder what he would have done if it started raining while all that stuff was outside"

    Fess up Mark - that's your front lawn, right?

    I reckon i would still rather have the collection of resident evil stuff that chick has in her room.

    "This chap..."
    Really, Mark? Chap?

      What the hell is wrong with the word 'chap'?

        I have to back up Mark. Nothing wrong with 'chap'.

          I always use it with a dose of irony, like I'm wearing a monocle or something.

            mmmm nope dont think thats irony....

    Arr, multiples of consoles. Hoarding, not collecting.

      Meh, often the easiest way to collect is to buy console + games bundles on eBay, and it's a pain to resell them because no-one's really interested in the consoles by themselves.

    I think I've got all those on a couple of DVDs

    Theres collectors, and then theres hoarders.

    you know i dont think ebay has a dash in it?

    haha.. item is no longer available on ebay.

    guess someone made him an offer too good to refuse :)

    Word can't describe the wonder - and nostalgia rush - I'm feeling right now.

    damnit, wheres the highrez pics, I wanna be able to read the print on those cartridges!

    My good god that is the most beautiful retro sight my eyes have seen. If not, one of them!

    Dammit! I saw this post and was going to try and buy it. Dammit!!

      See below if you have a great collection!

    ARGH! Why's it all outside!? Get it inside before something bad happens!

    does anyone know how much it went for????

    It didn't go for AU$5000

    serious only 5000 ? for all that ??? i think you could of made alot more money selling items separately on ebay

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