Buy This Incredible Retro Games Collection!

Man. This collection. These photographs. Wow. This chap decided he was going to sell his entire retro games collection. It's up on e-bay now and, even if you have no intention of putting in a bid, it's worth checking out - just for the sheer spendour of it all.

The collection contains the following (deep breath)...

Atari 2600 games x 274 Atari 7800 games x 11 NES games x 133 Sega Megadrive games x 57 Sega master system games x 61 Commodore VIC - 20 cartridges x 20 Super nintendo games (US) x 8 Super nintendo games x 43 N64 games x 52 Game gear games (in cases) x 15 Gameboy games (in cases) x 50 Gameboy games x 41 Atari Lynx games x 10 commodore 64 loose tape games x approx 100 Amiga boxed games / software x 63 C64 games and software boxed x 36 Sega master system games boxed x 175 Sega mega drive games boxed x 181 Amiga CD32 Games / manuals w/o box but in original CD case x 43 Amiga CD32 Magazine coverdisks (with game demos, PD games etc) x 54 IBM COMPAT boxed games / software x 40 Intellivision boxed games x 32 Sega Saturn Boxed games x 36 Sega Saturn Jap games x 10 NES boxed games x 61 SNES boxed games x 10 Nintendo 64 boxed games x 14 Atari 2600 boxed games x 61 Atari 7800 boxed games x 5 Gameboy boxed games x 13 Sega game gear boxed games x 10 Amiga CD32 Boxed Games x 8 Amiga 500 Boxed x 3 Amiga 512Kb ram expansion boxed x 2 Atari Lynx Boxed games x 6 Gameboy pocket Boxed x 2 N64 boxed rumble pak x 1 Super nintendo backup system (SFII) boxed but not working x 1 NES Control deck boxed x 3 NES Action set control deck boxed x 1 SNES scope 6 gun boxed x 1 Amstrad NC100 computer boxed x 1 Maniac electronic game (from 1970's) boxed x 1 REX credit card sized organiser boxed x 1 LCD Baseball boxed x 1 Sega Game gear boxed x 1 Game Star programmable control pad boxed x 1 Colecovision expansion module (play atari on colecovision) boxed x 1 Concord TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Bintatone TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Commodore 1530 Dataset boxed x 1 Atari 7800 system boxed x 2 Atari Lynx II boxed x 2 Sega Mega Drive menacer gun boxed x 1 Cyber maxx virtual reality system boxed x 1 Tandy computer cassette recorder boxed x 1 Hanimex TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 1 Sheen TV game system (pong type system from 1970's) boxed x 2 Amiga image scanner boxed x 2 C64 easypad tablet boxed x 1 Aura interactor game wear boxed x 1 Alter image for Amiga boxed x 1 Alter Audio for Amiga boxed x 1 Sega Mega Drive II console boxed x 1 Toshiba 64K home computer boxed x 1 Super Nintendo control set boxed x 1 NES Family Fun Fitness boxed x 1 Pacman tabletop game x 1 Dick Smith Pucki monsters table top game x 1 Nintendo gameboy carry case x 2 Atari lynx II x 5 Atari Lynx I x 1 gameboy console x 6 Gameboy color console x 2 gameboy pocket console x 3 Sega gamegear console x 8 Colecovision games x 6 Psion series 3 palmtop x 2 Psion series 3a palmtop (with faulty hinge) x 1 HP 320lx windows ce palmtop (no stylus) x 1 HP 360lx windows ce palmtop (no stylus) x 2 Psion revo palmtop 8mb (with faulty hinge) x 2 casio organiser x 1 sharp organiser x 1 Psion revo organiser 16mb (german i think) x 1 sharp wizard x 1 sharo ZQ-6600 organiser x 1 Psion 128k SSD card x 5 Psion series 3a games SSD card x 1 Psion series 3 spell check + thesaurus card x 1 Commodore 1701 monitor x 1 Commodore 1084s monitor x 3 IBM EGA monitor x 1 Apple RGB monitor x 1 Apple G3 imac x 1 Apple 5500 powermac x 1 Apple IIc x 2 Apple II 7" monitor x 1 Amstrad 640k laptop x 1 Apple mac classic II x 2 Apple Mac LC II x 1 Atari Lynx extended battery pack boxed x 1 Zoomer joystick (for C64, amiga, atari etc...) x 1 Amiga 500 motherboards (faulty) x 3 Tandy color computer II x 2 Toshiba 386 gas plasma screen laptop x 3 Amiga 2000 motherboard x 1 Amiga 2000 / IBM PC bridgeboard card x 1 Amiga 1000 computer with keyboard x 1 IBM 80286 computer x 1 Amiga A570 CD drom drive (no caddy) x 1 Atari Lynx carry case x 3 Intellivision computer add-on x 1 Commodore 1541 II disk drive x 5 Amiga A500 x 2 Colecovision steering wheel + pedal x 1 Commodore 1750 ram expansion x 1 Commodore 64 / 128 x 1 Beam rifle (for 1970's tv games) boxed x 1 Hanimex tv game x 1 Amiga A1200 (540mb hdd, 8mb ram expansion, wb 3.1) x 1 Amiga 1960 high res monitor x 1 Intellivision keyboard x 1 Commodore 64c x 1 Atari 2600 vadar console x 2 Atari 2600 woodgrain console x 1 Commodore magic voice x 1 Amiga A600 x 2 Commodore 64 breadbox system x 1 Amiga 500xp harddrive + 2mb ram expansion x 1 Atari XE x 1 Atari 7800 x 1 Commodore 64 tape games in cases x 15 Amstrad CPC464 system x 1 SG pro joystick boxed x 1 Sega megadrive II console x 18 Texas instruments 99/4a computer x 1 VZ300 ram expansion x 1 Sony playstation 1 console x 4 Atari 2600 rainbow console x 5 Sega Saturn console x 3 Sega master system power base console x 6 Sega master system II console x 2 Nintendo 64 console x 6 Nintendo NES console x 8 Super NES console x 3 Commodore 64 freeze frame cartridge boxed x 1 commodore 64 freeze frame cartridge x 1 commodore 64 action replay cartridge x 1 commodore 64 fast load cartridge x 2 commodore 64 voice master x 1 Apple II external disk drive 5 1/4 x 4 Apple IIg x 2 Atari 800 x 1 Commodore 16 x 1 Suncom touch tablet (commodore 64?) x 1 Sega megadrive console (jap) x 2 sega megadrive console x 4 Intellivision intellivoice x 1 Aquarius video game system x 1 Commodore tape drive x 3 Commodore 1531 tape drive boxed x 1 commodore 64 disk drive boxed x 1 Box of NES, SNES, N64 controllers, power adapters etc... x (couldnt be bothered counting...) Box of Atari, c64, amiga etc... joysticks, control pads, mice accessories etc.. x (couldnt be bothered counting) Box of sega master system / megadrive control pads, joysticks, phaser gun power adapters etc.. x (couldnt be bothered counting)

The pics are spectacular, as is the collection itself. The collection is for pick up only and is based in Junee, Australia.


    That is just amazing!!!

    Fascinating. What drove this guy to collect it all in the first place?

    I haven't yet checked to see if I won the $25 Million Oz Lotto last night... but if I did, then I'm paying off my house, buying this, then buying a new house to store all this! :)

    It would suck for him if he got that stuff out there and a storm suddently rolled in.

    I've got several tubs of NES/SNES/64 games amongst other systems but nothing like that. Thats quite impressive, more so for someone who lives in Australia.

      My first thought when I saw the photos "I wonder what he would have done if it started raining while all that stuff was outside"

    Fess up Mark - that's your front lawn, right?

    I reckon i would still rather have the collection of resident evil stuff that chick has in her room.

    "This chap..."
    Really, Mark? Chap?

      What the hell is wrong with the word 'chap'?

        I have to back up Mark. Nothing wrong with 'chap'.

          I always use it with a dose of irony, like I'm wearing a monocle or something.

            mmmm nope dont think thats irony....

    Arr, multiples of consoles. Hoarding, not collecting.

      Meh, often the easiest way to collect is to buy console + games bundles on eBay, and it's a pain to resell them because no-one's really interested in the consoles by themselves.

    I think I've got all those on a couple of DVDs

    Theres collectors, and then theres hoarders.

    you know i dont think ebay has a dash in it?

    haha.. item is no longer available on ebay.

    guess someone made him an offer too good to refuse :)

    Word can't describe the wonder - and nostalgia rush - I'm feeling right now.

    damnit, wheres the highrez pics, I wanna be able to read the print on those cartridges!

    My good god that is the most beautiful retro sight my eyes have seen. If not, one of them!

    Dammit! I saw this post and was going to try and buy it. Dammit!!

      See below if you have a great collection!

    ARGH! Why's it all outside!? Get it inside before something bad happens!

    does anyone know how much it went for????

    It didn't go for AU$5000

    serious only 5000 ? for all that ??? i think you could of made alot more money selling items separately on ebay

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