Can An Earthquake Cancel Some Lady's Skimpy Photos?

The Tohoku Earthquake caused game after game to be delayed. One game game, Disaster Report 4, was even canned. But it's not only games that are being impacted. Pictures of voice actress Chiaki Takahashi in revealing clothing are, too.

Takahashi, who voices Litchi Faye Ling in BlazBlue and Azusa in The Idolmaster, was supposed to release a pin-up book this June, but it's now canceled. The cause? The earthquake. That's right, a game and anime voice actress who is not a mainstream model in anyway whatsoever is cancelling her photobook because of the quake.

According to Takahashi's blog, the crisis caused by the earthquake as well as the victims are being taken into account and it's necessary to be discrete in times like these. Thus, the plan photo shoot was canned. That's thoughtful!

Online, netizens are saying, however, that Takahashi is simply jumping on the canceling/delaying/postponing bandwagon.

Last year, Takahashi stated on her blog that she was retiring from pin-up modelling, noting "I am not a pin-up model". She also wrote that like many other pin-up models who begin voice acting, she's a voice actress who went into modelling. She not only went into modelling, she also released a boob mouse pad. In her racy magazine spreads, it wasn't uncommon for Takahashi's age to be listed ten years younger.

Last month, the retail listing for Takahashi's upcoming photo book was discovered online. Don't worry, though. No doubt this one will be back.

6月発売のたかはし智秋のフォトブックが発売中止に [おた☆スケ -おたくのスケジュール帳-][Pic]


    i dont like earthquakes

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