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CheapSkate Gamer is as sick as a dog. That is to say; as sick as a very sick dog. You know, one of the ones with a horrible case of influenza and blood-shot eyes? Yeah. One of those...

PC Digital Download Killing Floor - $9.98

Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade - $11.98

Supreme Commander Gold Edition - $6.80

Killing Floor Complete Pack - $13.97

Portal 2 + The Potato Sack - $78.71

1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby) - $4.99

The Potato Sack - $38.72

Super Meat Boy - $7.49

Grand Theft Auto: Complete Edition - $9.99

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - $9.99

RUSH - $2.49

The Sims 3 - $19.98

Retail Boxes Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - $10.79

Order of War - $10.70

Shutter Island - $10.49

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - $10.79

Sins of A Solar Empire GOTY Edition - $10.99

Tiny Bang Story - $14.96

PS3 NBA Jam - $25.99

Rock Band: The Beatles - $14.84

Heavy Rain - $28.49

Wii MadWorld - $12.59

Monkey Mischief - $13.21

Did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!

Nigel and Will this week. I'm far too ill to attempt drawing anything complex :(


    I tried to send an email in as a tip for Kotaku, but no reply.

    Game (at least my local one) is having some crazy sale where you can trade any 2 games and get certain games for $1. Games include Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Personally I picked up copies of Resistance 2 and Uncharted 2 as I just got a PS3 and need to pick up these older titles.

    The real interesting point is that when I went in (last Friday) there was NO exclusion list. So you could trade anything against these titles. They warned me that they expected to get an exclusion list soon and they didn't know why they hadn't been given one but they would let you trade in anything. I traded my DOA4 and PGR3 which I've had since launch, which would have normally only been worth a dollar each.

    If anyone doesn't have Killing Floor, now's the time :) It's L4D meets Counterstrike and it's a lot of redeadification fun

    Aww no Xbox deals?

      They were all either re-hashes, or way too expensive.

      I hope there are some next week!

    Super Meat Boy... is $7.50? I must get it this weekend...and Orange Box on PS3!

    Incidentally I found this while at

    Nothing new there granted but it is interesting to see that someone made the effort to gather prices and compare them.

    I <3 Will & Nigel!

      Check, they do a thorough gaming bargain list every week.

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