Claptrap Has A Proposal For You, Tora

Hello, traveller! We have nuptials for you on the Fyrestone Bounty Board! This is a video Borderlands studio Gearbox made for superfan Ben, to help him propose to his Borderlands-superfan girlfriend Tora, and it is outstanding.

Ben reached out to Gearbox a while back, mentioning that when he and Tora first started dating, he had to give her "the gamer talk", in which he explained his hobby and the fact it might make him incommunicative and emotionally unavailable for hours at a time. Tora's response: "I love Borderlands! Let's play!"

Since then, the happy couple has co-op'ed the campaign from start to finish on both playthroughs, plus the DLC. Borderlands "easily made that awkward starting out stage of any relationship go extremely smooth," Ben wrote. So when decided he'd propose, he asked Gearbox if, on the off chance, he could get some help from the potty-mouthed Borderlands robot Claptrap in doing the job.

That video, which took Gearbox a week to make and is being shown here exclusively, is the studio's answer. We haven't yet heard Tora's but we've reached out to Ben to get a full after action report. We wish the couple all the best and congratulate Gearbox for this five-star piece of fan service. It's, uh, getting a little dusty in here.



    Brilliant! Absolutely amazing!

    That is pretty awesome for Gearbox to do. Us gamers are quite lucky indeed to have a medium where we can reach the developers and organise such shananigans...lucky indeed. Bravo Gearbox.

    Brilliant. The kind of positive publicity money cannot buy as well. Well done Gearbox (and good luck Ben!)

    D'aww... that's so cute! Good luck Ben! (:

    Effin A. Hope all went well for Ben and his missus. That was ace of Gearbox to help a fellow out like that.

    Now I love Gearbox

    That's so well done, and big freaking kudos to Gearbox they seem alot more down to earth and people friendly then these giant corporations *cough* EA, THQ & Activision *cough*

      Oh yeah, I especially hate how soulless EA can be. For example, the time they sent a brand new, staff signed copy of Dead Space 2 to a woman whos original copy was destroyed by her dog. What obnoxious, greedy bastards.

      Also, co- I mean Anthony Burch FTW.

        that was the studio that made dead space 2 not EA you stupid moron

    What a bunch of legends!
    Such a nice company, especially since there was no way they could make a profit out of it.

    Gearbox is like the Valve of Consoles! looking forward to Borderlands 2 if there ever is one.

    Skaggy Style!

    Love it :D

    He has herpes.


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