Commander Shepard, Let's Get A Look At Your Mass Effect 3 Self

A "reveal" of the third game in the series is rarely much of a "reveal" at all, especially for a series like Mass Effect where your character is wearing mostly the same clothes he has been for the past four years.

And speaking of "he", it's a shame to see Male Shepard leading the public relations front for the third time running. OK, so most people play as the male, but Jennifer Hale's voice work is so damn good it'd be nice to see Femshep get a little promo art love as well.

This piece of art, showing Earth being visited by some Reapers on spring break, is from the cover of the new issue of Game Informer.


    "And speaking of “he”, it’s a shame to see Male Shepard leading the public relations front for the third time running. OK, so most people play as the male, but Jennifer Hale’s voice work is so damn good it’d be nice to see Femshep get a little promo art love as well."


    Was just saying the same thing in TAY. FemShep sounds much better and it's disappointing to see the marketing gurus go with the default one, presumably because they think a game needs a space marine on the cover or bewbs to attract fans.

      Actually, the reason for Manshep is that Bioware believe that MOST of their fanbase are male and MOST of them identify more with Manshep than Femshep.

      Bioware do have a large number of female fans and I do think it would be smart to include some more Femshep in advertising. However, Bioware is a business that provides participatory fiction and the majority of their fanbase are male and as such it is in Bioware's business interests to focus mostly on Manshep.

      That said, I do think that advertising Mass Effect 3 with Femshep would be a beneficial thing for Bioware if the advertising were targeted correctly.

      Guy Shepard also has a unique face unlike Ms. Shepard whose face is worthy only of a paper bag with eye holes cut into it so she may see. The voice acting is pretty even too, both sound better in certain situations. Meer sounds funnier on the Shadow Broker car chase than Hale..

    Yeah I don't think people would recognize a female Shep.

    Not really much to say tbh, pic doesn't really give us much. Still can't wait for the game, and where they go with the story :)

    Until they put one of MY three Shepards on the cover, I probably won't recognise him/her anyway.

    He looks weird... like it's an odd pose or something.

      hes all tense because hes about to be probed by the reapers

    I'm thinking of going with this one, because I've always wanted to play Far Cry 2 (no man less than DAVID WILDGOOSE says it's awesome!) and I can trade the other three in or try to negotiate some others.

    (Although, it's out of stock on the website and everything :/)

    Generic video game character #3346

      That's not what yo' momma thought when she was helping him get his paramour achievment ;)

    "OK, so most people play as the male, but Jennifer Hale’s voice work is so damn good it’d be nice to see Femshep get a little promo art love as well."

    I wanted to see a strong black female hero. So I made one. Boring white male hero be damned!

    (SPOILER ALERT: Minor ones below, crew relationships based.)

    Hale's voice work and the fact that you get to see Shepard's backside all game are two bonuses to playing FemShep.
    (The third being the lesbian love with Liara if you choose it. A shame Tali isn't interested in women as well. She actually apologised for not being sexually inclined that way! She was barely resisting though, Shepard is THAT alluring, sexy and full of mojo!)

    So I played ME2 on Xbox as female. Now I have it on PC and want to play as an evil guy. I really want to play as a female for the 3rd, BUT on PC. Will I be able to import and change gender?

    I guess it's a niche request, but something I'd like to do.

    Kenson, this not good...

    This is Commander Shepard, and I'm my favourite Shepard in the galaxy...

    Apart from the FemShep thing, this image makes me think something else...

    It looks like Bioware has gone even further in improving the facial features for the new engine. Which makes me think my Shepard from the ME1 facial engine is going to look slightly wonky compared to the rest of the faces in the game...

    Due to [what I assume are] the new engine's ability to create a realistic face, I hope Bioware allows us to tweak our ME2 import's facial features a bit.

    You agree?

    ManShep voice acting was fine if you ask me. I don't get why people get their knickers in a knot. What does annoy me is that they Don't put a helmet on Bioware's Shepard. I dislike their generic Shepard look.

    Male bioware voice actors in bioware games like Hawke and Shepard are no were near as good as their female alts, only played as Femshep and Femhawke.

    Femshep all the way! I always play as a female Shepard, for the first play through of ME2 I went for Garrus as the physically awkward romance choice, now the novelty will be trying a second run as a man.

    Awesome can't wait to get the new issue in the mail :D

    Am I the only one who preferred male shepards voice to female?

    I tried her on my second playthrough but just preferred maleshep :S

      No, not at all. I found FemShep's voice work to be extremely poorly delivered and quite monotone in nature, which was a huge surprise from Jennifer Hale. Obviously people seem to disagree with me, but different strokes, different folks.

    let's be serious, female shepard could only save the universe 3 weeks a months...

      I disagree. She'd be kickass three weeks, but when that time rolls around, no one will stop her and her hormone-fueled rampage! Reapers better watch out.

      And on the note of the female Shepard looks, I made mine really tough looking but still pretty. The only thing I can complain about is that I transferred her to ME2 and the blush I'd applied, while it was almost unnoticeable in ME1, made her look like a painted whore in ME2 >.<

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