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This week feels a bit longer than it should have for some bizarre reason, and I can't explain why. It could be because I became an Uncle for the second time, it could be because I spent a good majority of the week buried in my 3DS, but it's probably because we had yet another mega week in terms of comments and participation from you guys.

It's been a crazy week. I had a blast creating my video for the awesome WWE All Stars comp we're currently running. You guys have until Tuesday to enter your vids. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified to see what you guys come up with. We've already had some classics.

The 3DS is out, and I know a couple of you have picked one up, just in case you missed it, my friend code is 5284-1396-7112. Drop yours below and I'll totally add you, then Ken-spam you to death. Then Missile can lick you in the face.

Onto the noms (nom nom).

First up we have Fat Shady. Obviously his royal Shadiness could win every week for the contributions he puts into the community, but he was nominated by Qumulys, for helping him out during the week.

Lamboman007 - what a beastly chap. And I mean that in an awesome way. You were also nominated for running the Trackmania contest, which has been doing some good business it seems. I'm too rubbish to join in. Is Batguy involved? If so, there's no way I have a chance.

Jimu Hsien nominated JamesMacUsedMyHandle - which I think is an awesome 'nom', because he is a stellar dude who is always on hand to help and be really, really funny.

Personally, I'd like to thank TadMod, mainly because he has been so good with continuing to do CheapSkate Gamer week after week. He doesn't have to do it, he just does - every week without fail. I really appreciate that. It's also worth mentioning that every time he has won Community Kudos he tries to find a way to give his prize to someone else.

I'd also like to thank the real James Mac, for being a great member of the community.

And the overall winner of Community Kudos this week is...


Congratulations folks, and thanks for another great week. Usually when we have a big posting week like last week, things slow down the next - but I think this week was bigger than ever. You guys are the lifeblood of the Kotaku community and you make working here an absolute dream, so you have my sincerest thanks!

Markie loves you all.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Grats JMSMH. Every Kudos is well deserved.

    Also, awesome tags Mark.

    I <3 Jimu too.

    Kudos to all those who were nominated and especially to JamesMacUsedMyHandle!

    Hehe, don't worry Mark. I haven't taken any part in the Trackmania challenge because I had been way too obsessive about my competitive scores in recent weeks.

    Might be time to download it in preparation for next week though!

    huzzuh! congrats dood!!
    *man hugs for all*

    Congrats jamesmacusedmyhandle!

    Yay for JamesMacUsedMyHandle! And thanks for alerting me to Hush: Unwrapped existence, I pre ordered that today :D

    Also, I think someone should do spam 500 posts on the weekend. Just to spite Mark. :D

    i feel honoured being mentioned twice in the tags but it's embarrassing to have Mark command me to wake up >.< congrats jamesmacusedmyhandle!

    Wow. I'm bout to go Halle Berry on y'all :)
    Thanks Mark and thanks for the nom Jimu.
    I've said it before, but this community is truly EPIC. You are all just the bestest!!! If someone told me 12 months ago that i would spend a fair amount of my time chatting away on the net bout comics and games and stuff, i would have called you crazy and taken your wallet. Can't imagine what it would be like to not be here now. :)

    w00t! well done jamesmacusedmyhandle!! Really dun think this place would be the same without you around! :)

    Congratulations jamesmacusedmyhandle!
    Epic tags Mark! Just Epic! :D
    And no, Batguy is not involved in the Trackmania stuff...yet, but you still won't win, because Sughly is the Batguy of Trackmania :(


    Plainview & The Chigurh Calavera Adventures.


    Thanks for the community kudos award, Mark. i really, really appreciate it. Jimu nominated me? Thanks Jimu . . . and listen, i don't care what everybody else says; you're alright, a real standup guy & quite the sport - I'd like to share a bus ride with you, put my hand on your knee and just let whatever happens happen. Be free . . . it might be the drink talking, but you have beautiful eyes - has anybody ever told you that? No kidding; i'm not just saying that. i'm not even being phony. Speaking of phony - call me: 1800-HOT-4-U.
    And don't forget: bloody well done to me - community kudos!!!! I'm really something. And oh my god, psychic, you are soooooo right - i am really funny. i'd like to thank Jesus, Miranda Kerr (and her boobs), Matt Damon, Beyonce and the entire cast of Sleepless in Seattle (but not Tom Hanks). And thank you everyone at Kotaku - you can all buy me a drink if you like? Gin & tonic & a pint of something imported (tequila). Do you have a spare cigarette? i know you do!!!!!
    Have a very naughty-naughty weekend & don't do anything i wouldn't do (i do everything!!!).
    All parts love & gratitude and then some,
    Your old good time friend & loyal to the death confidante,

    Missile stole my baby.
    : (

    Friend me! 1504-5715-4750

    Hehe. I look forward to the tags all week. Thanks Qbo for the nom and again good job everyone.

    Mark I promise I will not spend my entire weekend on here and hopefully everyone realized it was not that funny and is not worth repeating.

    Anyway have a good weekend all.

      Oh crap. Forgot about no handle. You are my hip hop partner in crime and for that you always have my Restectcp (Ali G style). Congrats mate.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeah!

    Congrats nohandle!!!

    Good work JM2, you're a deserving weiner. I mean winner.

    Dunno what happened to my comment.. lost in the netherrealm i guess.. Anyway, basically congrats to JMUMH! Really wouldn't be the same round here without you!

    Can someone tell me where to get that shirt?

    Congrats Mr. JMUH. Everyone calling you that makes it sound like Jimu! And everyone <3 Jimu so everyone must <3 you too.

    Thanks guys! Internet hugs to you all. :)

    Thanks everyone...

    Oh, not me... I see.

    Seriously though, well done JM2... you deserve it.
    Even when posting from the U.S. on crappy WiFi, you bring a sense of élan to the team.

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