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You know - I think our community is growing. Getting over a thousand comments on Talk Amongst Yourselves? Pfft. It's not even really a big deal anymore. We get there without even thinking about it. Best thing about this week was that it was quality over quantity.

I saw a lot of random acts of kindness this week. And I felt a lot of love in the Kotaku TAY room. I could feel it.

I want to give a quick shout out to Dawdle - congrats on getting to the next stage in the Xperia Play comp. Looking forward to hearing what you think about the device. Just for the record - our office is totally divided. Me and Gizmodo's Nick Broughall hated it, but Seamus and Lifehacker's Angus Kidman really like it.

Join ussssss...

Also, thanks to Adam Ruch, our resident video game academic. As you may know Adam is doing a Phd on them there 'vidja games', he's contributed a really top piece which we'll be posting next week, so look out for that.

He also just got a new dog - so congratulations.

But the big news - who's coming to the Kotaku Sydney meet tomorrow at 12? I'm definitely coming, so I'll see you folks there. Bring your 3DS if you have one. I need more Street Pass friends dammit!

And, speaking of the community event, I want to give a major shout out to Fat Shady for helping out, but Community Kudos goes to Sir Eats-a-lot for organising this thing like a boss.

Have a good weekend folks, and I'll see some of you guys tomorrow.

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    This week's tags DO suck...I'm not even in them! Unheard of!
    It's okay, I understand Bret Hart and Pants are more important.

    And congrats Sir Eats-A-Lot! If this meet-up thingy goes horribly wrong, we now have someone to blame.

      If things go horribly wrong, he should be unkudosed.

      Of course, they won't, so he won't. Because he organised things in a very bosslike manner.

      Why must the meet-up be somewhere I cannot get to? Damn you geography!

    Cheers Sir Eats-a-Lot, I look forward to meeting you and the others tomorrow!

    YAY! Well-deserved Sir-Eats-A-Lot!

    So devastated I missed out on all the awesomeness that was going on in TAY this week due to assessments, interviews, assignments, spring cleaning, etc, etc, etc, etc...

    Also, Epic tags!

    PS: Mr. Serrels, may I kindly ask you to sabotage the interviews of all the other people coming in next week if it wouldn't be too much trouble? I'd appreciate it and show it by buying you a "double" from KFC. ;)

    I've heard about the Sydney meetup. But I can't make it because I already made stupid plans for this weekend.

    I'll show up to the next one


      I'll tell you what. Next time you're at Parra Westfield, let us know and we'll meet up at that place where that guy is always trying to make me have a go on his treadmill (no thanks for the millionth time).

      It can be the unofficial Sydney Westies meetup that is totally a million times better than the regular meetup.

        Totes. (that one's for you, Trjn)

        I'm up for that at some stage, since I can't make this one either :(

        Lol. I walked past that dude at lunch. He was on the wobbly thingy. Lol

        I'm keen for a westy meet up. Let me kno wen bruddah.

          You guys should organise a specific time and just queue up to use the treadmill.

          Totally freak the guy out.

    Oh man, so busy this week. I wish Melbourne had a meetup. I would try and organise it, but uni impedes me. Nice tags as usual Mark. And also, thanks to Q-bo and Trjn for donating to Relay for life for me. If anyone else would like to, click on my username.

    Now I am going to go and do more homework until it's 2am and the aperture science thing has finished counting.

    HAHA! Tag Sneak Attack!

    Nice one Eats-A-Lot!
    Is anyone meeting at EB? Seemed like everyone was going straight to 'The Secret Location'
    Either way, if I can get to the city on time then I shall attend.

    ... I need a haircut.

    Congrats dude! Wait, what's this meet and how did I miss the details?

    By the way, "pants or no pants" is not a decision.

    If you must, pants. If not, no pants. No decisions to make because someone else has already decided for you.

    Oh what... I gotta watch these TAY posts a bit more. I'm just really busy with things at the moment (ohai new puppy and trying to finish a thesis...)

    I'd really love to come to another meet and greet but I really need to be at home this weekend to look after the new puppy.

    Gratz Sir Eats-A-Lot, any chance you feel like organising another in a months time, just because I'll be in Sydney?

    No, oh well, good work organising it, and good work making Strange look silly, Mark.

    Yeah Congrats mate. It was a good idea and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Thank you Mark!! :D
    For everyone else: follow me @niewho on Twitter to get the latest updates for my part in the Xperia PLAY competition. It'll help me in getting closer to winning!

    And looking forward to our lovely meet up tomorrow.

    Excellent tag-sneaking.

    hehe well done sir-eats-a-lot! Hope all goes well at the meetup! should be a blast!

    Where is this Sydney Meet?

      Okay, stopped being lazy and just went and looked at Tay. Consider me in!

      If this is approved in time then you are welcome to join in (anyone else who reads this).

      Level 2 the grand hotel Sydney. 30 hunter street. 12 noon onwards.

    Nice one Sir-Eats-A-Lot.





    Aside from Brains, my shadow and myself; who else lives in South Australia?

      AvCon is coming up in July.....

    Congrats sir eats a lot!! Well deserved and totally jelly of all you sydneysiders.
    I know i'm late but all the real heads still check this over the weekeend :)

    So like I was browsing through the backlogs of Kotaku AU and I somehow, SOMEHOW missed this post!

    I'd just like to say thank you Mark! I feel really appreciated. And silly that I missed this. haha.


      darn it, typo'd at the worst time possible!!

        Okay so I don't know whats going on with my browser right now but I thought I'd post a huge THANK YOU MARK just in case and that I only just stumbled across this page by sheer accident!!!

        I can't believe I totally missed this post last week. I feel special now. Thanks Mark!!

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