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So a short week, but a huge one in a lot of ways - in terms of news, the Kotaku community and Jimu Hsien's ever expanding username.

So guess what folks - the Kotaku community's very own CheapSkate Gamer, TadMod is going to be working with us, in our office as our new tech doctor guy. Considering the effort this dude has put into this community, I'm really chuffed. Come Monday we're going to the food court for Mexican.

Yeah boy!

I'd also like to give a shout out to Sir-Eats-A-Lot, since SHE is competing in the Sydney Gamers League this weeked. Good luck. And have you ever considered changing your name to something a little easier for us to understand? Like Lil' Miss Eats-A-Lot, or Cutie-Pie-Eats-A-Lot?

Alright. Moving on.

I also want to give a shout out to all the people who made frickin' gifs of me! Especially the hand drawn one by Sughly. It totally made my day.

And on that topic - the death stare on ABC News 24 wasn't my fault! It wasn't! I nodded in recognition - wasn't that enough?! Why did the camera stay on me! I don't understand! ARRGGH!

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up - Sughly. You win again. You never fail to disappoint with your mad art skills.

I will now leave you with this terrifying image - have a great weekend guys!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Sup Mark.

    I hope it's good mexican, there was a place in the Optus foodcourt that was mighty good... we'll just see how it compares!

    Congrats Sughly, maybe the prize will help you finish Anna's Room faster!!!!

      Nice job dude! Congratulations on becomingnone of our supreme overlords. I'm sure you'll learn lots. Like the serrels state. And how to get by without pants. And ripping up big
      Boss t shirts.

      I digress. Congrats!

      Congrats, though be pre warned.

      We (and by we I mean I) may spend the duration of any kotaku down time venting our (my) frustrations on anything you've built in minecraft :P

    haha i knew taddy would get it!!

    Dude, that is so awesome.. i have never been so jealous of one man in my life..

    One day i hope to be among thee :)

    Also, congrats to sir swirly

    WOO! Go TadMod!
    WOO! Go Sughly!
    WOO! Go EmperorJimmuakaKamuyamatoIwarebikoakaWakamikenunoMikotoakaSanonoMikotousedmyhandle!



      Thanks! :D

    Have said it on Twitter, but congrats again TadMod!

    Sughly: that hand drawn gif mowed my blinds. Amazing.

    I'm so going to photoshop your face onto something horrible. Stay tuned.


      I can't seem to get the skin tone exactly right. But at 7.30 on a Friday it's what I call good enough.

        Wow... that is, Jesus, I don't even know what that is.


        First person to get this as a tattoo wins...something.

          Don't worry, I've got another over the top photoshop planned. Stay Tuned

          The problem with most pictures I do is that the person is usually snapped while talking or frowning or smiling. But, as soon as I saw that 5 seconds of awkward silence on ABCnews24 I knew this is photosohoppers gold. Mark was totally emotionless and it's pretty much perfect for anything.

    Congrats to Sughly! Mad Skillz as always.
    HUGE congrats to Tad, now we can direct our rage at someone for all the 503 errors. Does this mean he will get paid to be on TAY? He never made any Seamus hair jokes did he? Will Tad eventually have TV spots to?
    Hope everyone has a good weekend, will have to check lady eats twitter for updates...

    Well done Shugs!

    Well done Taddly!

    Mark, why yu no have wrinkles?

    Congrats to you, human Sughly. Keep up the awesome contributions you make. I'm just unhappy that my meme got less publicity on TAY, I thought it was funny... :(

    Sughly's acceptance speech:
    I'd like to thank Strange for tearing me away from working on my awesome game called Anna's Room to make me draw cool stuffs which made me win cool stuffs and in recognition of this fact I will now appoint a time and place where Brisbane people from kotaku can meet me.

    Also, congrats to Mr. MadTod and good luck Sir Sergeant Eats and Sits a Lot!

    Gratz Sughly, it's a shame you'll be too busy working to enjoy whatever you get. Speaking of working, good work MadTod. If all the errors aren't fixed two minutes into your first day, I will be complaining the loudest. Speaking of complaining, Sughly, work harder on your game. Where was I going with this?

    WHAT! Woo! I was just moseying on in to check out Marks wrap up and what do you know? So good! High fives for EVERYONE! :D

    (Sir eats-a-lot is a girl....?)

    Nice job Sughly and nice finding of a job TadMod.

    I just found the death stare video on youtube and laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair.

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