Community Review: Pilotwings Resort

Community Review: Pilotwings Resort

Community Review: Pilotwings ResortPilotwings Resort is the game that really should have been around for the launch of the 3DS. In many ways it’s the Wii Sports-style demo required to show precisely what the tech can do. But how does it work as a game?

Personally, for me it’s a tricky one. Pilotwings Resort is by far the game I’ve enjoyed most on my 3DS so far, even above Super Street Fighter IV 3D, which I’ve slowly learned to love. The problem is, however, the depth of the game. In a sense Pilotwings Resort is the perfect handheld game on the move – it works well in short bursts, giving the player wildly varying challenges that can be finished in minutes – but it never gets round to feeling like a game dripping in depth and options. A handful more – just a handful more – vehicles or challenges and Pilotwings Resort could have been the must-have AAA title the 3DS is currently lacking. As is, it feels like a great distraction, albeit one you’d hesitate spending full RRP on.

Pilotwings Resort has some spectacular 3D, and the effect somehow feels deeper than any of the other games currently available on the system. On the train I usually play with 3D on, but with Pilotwings Resort I felt like the 3D was almost a little tricky for my eyes to maintain, taking far more effort than any other. I’d find myself dropping in and out of focus constantly. I usually play everything with the 3D cranked full cheese, but I’ve never been so thankful for the 3D adjuster than when playing Pilotwings Resort.

As for the game itself – it plays like a streamlined, accessible version of the N64 Pilotwings, a game I spent many an hour with as an awkward teenager. It really is a relaxing experience, with the elevator music tinkling in the background, some simple challenges to undertake. Pilotwings Resort is a pleasurable experience. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

Alright – enough rabbiting from me. What do you guys think of the game? And how did you find the 3D? I’m pretty curious about that specifically, because it’s the first time I’ve found the effect too strong.


  • I can’t play Pilotwings Resort with the 3D at full blast, I keep seeing double, a problem I had with the Zelda demo. Having it on just a tiny bit is fine though.

    I’m really enjoying the game, I’m playing it in small public transport bursts and it works really well. I’ve done all the challenges and am currently attempting to find all those collectibles in the free mode then I’ll try and 3-star the missions.

  • Yeah I agree. The 3D on full is waay too strong to leave on all the time: you lose focus of your vehicle. However, turning it up full and flying around in free roam (or when you don’t really have to worry about landing :P) looks amazing. I usually leave it about a quarter strength.

    I was surprised that having 3D on actually does help a little bit when flying through rings, caves, etc. I turned 3D off for one challenge and kept crashing into walls lol.

  • So, on the box it claims you can use your own Mii and there are plenty of screenshots proving this.

    Is there any of the classic characters and are they playable??

  • Unfortunately no classic Pilotwings characters are available in this game.

    The best you can do is create Mii versions of past Pilotwings characters.

    On another note, I’m yet to see anyone create the flight instructors from the SNES version of Pilotwings.

  • Absolutely agree the 3D needs to be cranked down a notch for it. Even when I had good focus on the 3D image I’d still see double occasionally with some of the balloons…there’s just too much depth!

    Still count me as disappointed. It’s enjoyable but it feels like it should of been free with the 3DS. Took me about an hour to get through the missions, just under 3 to 3 star em all and I’ve already lost interest with free flight. As a huge fan of the 64 version this broke my heart, no mecha hawk, no cannons, no sky diving… bleh!

      • The worst thing is they give you that 1 mission with the squirrel suit which was great and got me really excited because I’ll take squirrel suiting happily over sky diving, but it’s just one 20 second long mission…*sigh* Weak. And then I hoped and prayed that 3 starring everything would unlock a battle with mecha hawk but no… and *spoilers* it unlocks a diaroma of him… stop teasing me Ninty!

      • Well, maybe I’m wrong and please for the love of god if I am tell me how to fight him! My whole opinion of the game will change if you can show me how. But I’ve played every mission, got 3 stars on em all including the last unlockable diamond stages and never got to fight Mecha Hawk or even see him in the world, as I said there is an unlockable diorama of him tho…yay?

    • No classic characters no CANNON! This gets worse and worse. Will be waiting that little bit longer til I buy a 3DS.

  • Nintendo had a go at the mobile developer community for making “disposable” games that lack depth with games that can be finished in a few hours which is what Pilotwings is. Except it’s 69.95 not 1.19.

  • It’s a great unfinished game that should have been packaged with the 3DS, shame on Nintendo. Seeing as they are re-using Wuhu island why not just include the Wii Sport Resort games, I feel like a sucker buying it but with a rubbish line up can you blame me?

  • Best use of 3D thus far. Great controls but the concept is paper thin. After a couple days of regular play, I have perfect scores in all of the leagues up to Gold (and nearly done with Gold too).

    -The time-restricted ‘free flight’ mode is a total bitch. Why even bother calling it ‘free flight’ at all? I love flying and discovering crap so take off the timer. When you start off, you can fly around to your heart’s content, so savour it…

    -3D is too deep. Every other game I have I crank up to full, but this is bonkers, I play with the slider up 1/3 the way and even this is crazy depth.

    -Too short. More challenges, more planes, more unlocks.

    All in all: Decent tech demo, but that’s all. Which is a real goddamn shame because I think it uses the 3D very well and I’d love to pass to my friends so they can fly around (if it wasn’t for that damn timer).

    This could have been packaged with the console (like Metroid Prime demo for DS or Wii Sports) and been a great showcase for the 3DS features but no.

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