Community Review: The 3DS

Community Review: The 3DS

Community Review: The 3DSSo, I’m assuming that a bunch of you guys have had the weekend to check out the 3DS. You’ve heard me ranting on about it all last week, so now it’s your turn – what do you guys think of the 3DS so far?

Honestly, my opinion tends to switch rapidly back and forth – as evidenced from my 3DS Diaries – at times I found myself completely in love with the device, at other times I wondered how such a limited handheld could compete with the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone as a convergence device.

I’m curious about a couple of things – first off, are you enjoying it? Is the 3D effect making anyone feel dodgy? Anyone having difficulty with it, or wondering what the big deal is? My personal experience with the 3D has been hugely positive. I’ve no headaches, no problems viewing it – in fact I’ve really enjoyed how subtle the effect is.

What about the games? I think the lack of quality at launch is the 3DS’s biggest issue. At the moment it’s selling on its gimmick alone. Super Street Fighter IV is a top notch game, but not enough – in my mind – to convince a broader public to give it a chance. That said, I’m really loving the AR Games.

How about other experiences? Anyone busted out the Street Pass? This has (bizarrely) been one of my favourite aspects of the 3DS so far. I think I’m starting to get a strange attachment to checking my 3DS after a train journey, and finding out how many hits I’ve gotten. How are people finding the social aspects of the device?

Anyways – let us know in the comments below. And feel free to drop 3DS friend codes – I’ve left mine at home today, but I’ll try and add you all when I get home.


    • Can’t get this one working… tried a few times and it keeps coming up as “invalid”.
      Probably you typed it wrong (unless its a region issue; but everyone else has worked…)

  • No-one seems to have their 3DS on or something when they’re driving into work in the morning 🙁

    Maybe I’m up too early? 6:30-7:30am on the road. Today and Friday, picked up nothing via StreetPass.

    Oh well. I’ll keep on hoping ;P

  • I’m loving it. I didn’t get any 3DS titles. Ghost Recon was out but the pre installed games are excellent. Have had plenty of fun with the Mii maker, AR games and face raiders.

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  • So far I am quite liking mine. Got a black, with rabbids and star wars. Both games are deeper than the reviews implied. Love the camera, but needs to be much better resolution. Havent seen any street pass notifications yet, which is dissapointing. AR Games are great, but doesnt respond well in poor liighting such as indoors at night, again due to a very cheap camera setup. So a thumbs up from me. Lets hope some deeper games come out! And just for a the record, portables need a second thumbstick, I will also buy the NGP.

  • I’m lovin’ it so far.
    The 3D is mostly fantastic, though in any games where you tend to move a bit (mashing buttons in street fighter… or god forbid the motion controlled mode in Super Monkey Ball… even Pilot Wings has me moving my hands sideways a little bit…) causes problem =(

    It’s a real shame Australia didn’t get Pilot Wings and Steel Diver; because those are the two games I’m definitely enjoying the most (though I did enjoy flawing my mate in SFIV about 20 times over the weekend). Those two plus SFIV for me means a “good launch”.

    I haven’t run into anyone on street pass yet which is really disappointing =( I’d have thought the morning train would have uncovered one or two since surely everyone who got one at launch would be trying out the feature.

    Random notes:
    PAL SFIV works with NTSC SFIV for multiplayer (this is good news!!)
    PAL 3DS works with NTSC NDS for StreetPass (Mii passing), didn’t get to try the SFIV trophy stuff.
    No problems friending people from other regions
    My favourite game (on my friend profile) is “Steel Diver”, but when my friend friended me and got my account card; it displayed as gibberish (his was SFIV and looked fine).
    Cross-region download play for Steel Diver does NOT work =( Didn’t try any other DL play, so don’t know if this is a publisher lock or if dl-play is region locked entirely.

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    PS. Kotaku; why can I never log out of this damned “Facebook” thing on Kotaku? The “here” button does nothing!!!!

  • I think it’s awesome! Lovin’ the 3D effect overall, though it it does annoy me a bit that it has to be viewed at a certain angle. I wouldn’t use it on the train or car though as any bump or movement when viewing the 3D screen for me sends my vision “swimming” slightly.
    Other then that, I’ve had no problems with viewing the screen for prolonged periods of time.
    I’m liking the AR games so far but am hanging out for more decent games. I only have shadow wars at the moment which is awesome but there needs to be more AAA games!

  • went out around the city on the weekend to test streetpass. Met 3 people randomly. Got two medal for street fighter for win the battle which is awesome.

  • I am absolutely loving my 3DS – I just wish there were games on it I loved just as much. I got SFIV and Rayman, both I enjoy but they don’t keep me hooked. Have taken my 3DS to 2 different shopping centres down in Melbourne and both times I picked up another Mii using streetpass. As for smartphones, as good as they are for casual games, I MUCH prefer a dedicated handheld for my gaming needs. I definately have room for both in my life 🙂

  • It took me a while to get used to the 3D. I had headaches after 10 mins of playing 🙁 I figured out though that for some strange reason, I have to consciously think about focusing my eyes on particular objects to get 3D vision.

    It’s strange having a handheld with no games, but the pre-installed software is keeping me occupied until Samurai Warriors comes out (Thursday I think).

  • I bought a blue one (which I love the colour of, btw) but didn’t get any games. I’m waiting for Pilotwings, but the AR games/Face Raiders are fantastic. I hope Nintendo offers more of these type of things when the e-Shop rolls around.

    I also really like the IDEA of the StreetPass, but apparently I’m the only person in my area with a 3DS, because I haven’t got a single hit after walking around all weekend. 😛

    Pretty much the only thing I don’t like though, is the limit on the number of play coins you can earn each day. 1000 steps/10 coins maximum is far too little in my books. I mean, I was getting over a 1000 steps without leaving the house, so anything extra just kind of seems wasted. I know it’s to prevent people from shaking their system to get unlimited coins (and to promote Streetpass), but still.

  • I’ve had no problems with the 3D affecting me. And that was with a couple of few hours sessions. The game selection is limited. But aren’t most platforms when they are first released? It’s new tech after all.
    I also have been enjoying the pre-loaded software. AR is fantastic. Haven’t had any street pass, but then I haven’t actually been out, besides to work.
    The screen moves too easy, even just hitting a bump in the road when in the car it tends to fold back too far. It’ll be interesting to see what games come out for it in the future, I think it’s got a lot of potential in the long run.

  • after getting mine on launch day, i’ve had nothing but good experiences with the 3DS so far..

    i was really hoping for steel diver as a launch title, but with that not happening, i went for ghost recon and ridge racer.. both of them totally entertaining, but as with everyone else i was depressed about the cut list of launch titles.

    i’m strange with the 3D: on launch day i played 9 hours straight, with no problems.. next morning i woke up after sleeping 10 hours, and it took about 30min to get used to the 3D again. i’m strange, i guess..

    streetpass is an awesome feature, and more people need to try it out. working at a major department store at the entrance, leaving my console there all day to capture every 3DS that enters the store racks up a nice number of hits. =)

    so, i suppose once we get a decent library of games in aus, i’ll be perfectly content, but for now i’m happy chilling with the console, impressing people with the AR games and whatnot.

  • I’m enjoying the console even though it seems a little unnecessary right now until there are more games out, I just wanted to get in on those launch deals.

    I’ve experienced a little dizziness and headaches when using full 3D but having just a tiny amount of 3D on seems to be enough without causing me problems. However I’ve mostly been playing with the 3D off completely and I think I’ll only switch it on when I require some depth or want to watch some crazy cinematic sequence that can take advantage of it.

    I only have Rabbids at the moment and am enjoying that, with Pilotwings in the mail heading my way too.

  • I’m really enjoying it, paticularly for a few of the built in features.

    I like the idea of being rewarded for just carrying the console around. I haven’t had any streetpass hits, but that’s probably because I’ve been going to the wrong places.

    My one complaint though is that the play coins limit for each day is far too easy to reach. I registered 6000 steps on friday but only 1000 counted. I think they either need to take it up to 200 steps per coin or increase the daily cap beyond 10. Very nitpicky on my behalf, but it’s a bit irritating.

    Other than that, the controls are comfortable, the AR stuff is awesome and the 3D is pretty neat.

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  • I’ve been loving it so far. Didn’t get any 3DS titles myself, but the built in stuff has kept me entertained. I can’t wait until the eShop opens, that’s when this thing is gonna go absolutely off the hook.

    I had it on me all weekend, went out and about both days (but not into the city mind you, where I guess I’m more likely to find people) and only got one StreetPass hit. Hopefully as the months go on more and more people will carry it with them. I’m treating mine like I do my iPhone – it comes with me wherever the hell I go.

    I’m really looking forward to a game like Animal Crossing, where this StreetPass functionality and internet connectivity is really going to shine. Even the huge games we know are coming (Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Super Mario, Star Fox, etc) we still know so little about in terms of these awesome new features of the 3DS, so I can’t wait for E3 (or sooner) to find out more.

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  • I haven’t connected mine to the net yet so can’t really comment on street pass. I grabbed two games for it at launch, SSFIV and Ravin Rabbids.

    The initial unboxing of the 3DS, the thing I didn’t like was the plastic used for the 3DS itself, like the iphone, it easily gets this greasy feel to it which I can’t stand. I never had that experience with the DS or DSi. So I’ve now got to try and track down a rubber protection cover of some description.

    As far as showing this thing off to family and friends, I’ve only really fired up a couple AR Games which seems to get the wow factor happening every time. I’ve played Street Fighter a fews times but I find it hard to get motivated enough to play it because I played it so much on the PS3. I started playing Ravin Rabbids this morning though and quite enjoying it so far, mainly because I enjoy side scrolling platformers and this (i think) is the only 3DS platformer so far.

    • Street Pass works on local wi-fi (no need for internet) so as long as your wireless switch is on and your in a busy city centre or shopping centre you will get some hits (I got 3 today at my local Westfield shopping centre!). Spot Pass is the one that needs the internet connection and of course any games that utilise online features will need to be connected to the net. Also, Rayman is another platformer for the console.

  • I am really enjoying mine so far, got a black with Street fighter and Ghost Recon. Haven’t even opened Ghost recon yet cause I am too busy having online matches with street fighter. 3D is really cool but I need to get a game that takes advantage of it like pilot wings or something, whats the best looking 3D game you can get now?

  • Definitely enjoying it so far. Ghost Recon beats out SFIV for me. I enjoyed the later at first, but soon realised that getting frustrated at Seth was not going to do my 3DS any good. GR has been really fun, although I do have a very soft spot for turn-based tactics games.

    The 3D in both games has been used well, but I’ve only spent about 30 minutes or so with it on for each game. I’m really looking forward to a game where turning 3D on, or switching between off and on has some real impact on gameplay. I can see Paper Mario and Metal Gear Solid 3 really using it in this way (especially MGS; I look forward to a number of codec conversations about 3D), possibly even Layton.

    I’ve had my 3DS with me since Thursday and had my first StreetPass detection only on Sunday. I met “Joe” who has been playing Star Wars and had set up Street Pass, but not much else.


  • Love it kind of. The camera is very average and the lack of online content sucks. I want to download games like the wii shop does. I also have SSF4 which is good fun but thats the only good game I can find. I want 3D Mario Kart (which is coming) but god knows when. I’ve finished all the AR games and now getting board with it. I expect more for the $$. I’ve had my iPhone for nearly 12 months and it still keeps me more entertained than my 3 day old 3DS. Software is all it would take for me to love it again. COME ON NINTENDO you should be BETTER than Apple at this stuff.

    • The shop for DSi-ware games as well as Virtual Console games will be available in an upcoming software update. This is mentioned in the (thick) operating manual and on other sites.

        • I don’t mean to sound rude but it will be hard not to…I am very surprised about some peoples lack of knowledge about the consoles features or lack thereof. A few comments have complained about lack of features or games, but surely if you are going to spend upwards of $350 on a new purchase you would know what you are buying? It has been well documented what things are included with the system, what games are available on launch or during the “launch window”. Add in the fact that most console launches have a very limited range of software titles, you would have to be weary of any console launch.

          I for one think that the 3DS has great value for money straight off the bat. No other console I have ever bought has kept me so intrigued before I have even popped a game in. The 3DS is becoming like WoW I feel like I have daily “quests” to do each day before even getting into any games. The spot pass feature is brilliant. My fiance and I spent a few hours at the shops today getting lunch and buying a few things and in that time we got 3 hits each! So as soon as we got home we looked at the hits and then went on the quest with the mii characters we met. Also got the puzzle pieces and a Street Fighter battle just for carrying our consoles with us!

          I’ve got a week holidays and can see myself spending most of it with my 3DS!…and my fiance 😛

    • I’m very mad at the 10 coin limit per day. I really really wanted to beat the inbuilt Mii rpg so I went for a walk. 10,000 steps later I return home only to learn that there is a 10 coin limit per day. Needless to say, I’m not interested in getting my little Mii out of his cage anymore.

      I don’t live in a densely populated area so it’s very unlikely that I will pass anyone with street pass on; because of this I’m finding myself turning wifi off to extend battery life. Also, since I can only accrue 10 coins per day I just shut it down all together to save my 5 hour battery. Other than that the system could be great but at the moment there are no good games out. LEGO star wars is okay but I don’t like street fighter because it’s just an arcade game. For $40 I want a story mode.

      I have recommended to everyone who has asked if they should buy one to wait until it gets updated with a web browser and a virtual game store. Hoping Zelda, Star fox, Super Mario, Mario Kart, and RE Revelations come out soon. -Just revealed Revelations will not release till 2012. Oh well, stuck with LEGO star wars for now. Everyone I’ve shown the AR games to have said that they were awesome. They’re Pretty much all the 3DS has going for it at the moment.

      I want 3D pictochat

  • Still have no 3ds games, but I’m loving Pokemon Black… But I was very excited, walked around civic on the weekend and picked up a few streetpass hits, which was pretty much the highlight of my day.

  • Ok – For the record, Im a playstation fan but I collect consoles. So im not a Nintendo enthusiasts but I purchased a 3DS on Thursday because it was the first 3D handheld. So, I bought the black console and a copy of Ridge Racer because its a bit of a tradtional game and I know what to expect. I want to say that I love the damn thing. Its such a breath of fresh air compared to my PSP. Dont get me wrong the PSP is some few years old now, but anyway, it just brings a different angle to the market. The 3D affect was what I was most curious over and I think that it works a treat. I havent experienced any head aches or sickness which is great. I love the depth provided on the screen for Ridge Racer and the graphics really arent that bad. Im just missing some stella titles now such as a new Mario, MGS, Steel Diver, Pilot Wings and something else. But anyway, for a person who simply bought it for the collection I love it. Its awesome. I still dont understand entirely how the street pass stuff works but im very keen. On a side not too – I noticed that the 3DS feels weighty and solid in your hands. It doesnt feel tiny or breakable and I get that ‘quality’ feeling when im playing it. Over all – awesome! I love it.

    • Street Pass is great! 1st step is to creat a Mii and make that Mii available for Street Pass (this will happen during the Mii creation process). Then go to the Mii plaza and make sure the Street Pass setting is enabled. Whilst your there start the Quest. Also, boot up Ridge Racer and go to the street pass section and set some times. Next, go to a busy shopping centre or city centre and take your 3DS with you. Make sure you leave it in sleep mode. If the led near the right hinge on top of the console goes green it means you have a hit. You will get hits for Mii’s and if the other person has Ridge Racer ghost data. Once you have a hit go to the Mii plaza and you will meet the new people. You can get a puzzle piece from them and send them to battle in your quest. If they have Ridge Racer you will get a green outline around the Ridge Racer tile on the menu when you have Ridge Racer inserted. Then you can go to the Street Pass section of Ridge Racer and try and beat their ghost times.

      • Thanks very much dude – that explains it a bit better for me! Now ill just have to try it all out!!! Cheers! 😉

  • Unpacked myn on the train this morning since my post office is incompetent

    Got 5 street pass hits straight away which was neat

  • I just love my 3DS, it’s awesome, just last Saturday I went to Southland(1239 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham VIC 3192), at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon I bump into 3 Mii’s with their streetpass on, I was so excited when I got home.

    At 1 o’clock I was at EB games and then went to KFC to eat, so guessing either the game store or got it from someone who was eating!

    Has anyone played with nintendo 3ds sound it’s quite good, they got quite a lot of functions to edit with the sound/songs(not sure if it is the same as the DSi, got a DS Lite)

    I found the camera very good, just when I was walking, thought I’ll whip out my 3DS to take a shot, I took a shot of cars going pass and it wasn’t showing cars being blurry so I reckon the camera is quite fine(0.3 megapixel), and the night time camera works wonders! unfortunately you can’t play AR cards in the dark, it will be quite interesting if we could, or maybe glow-in-the-dark AR cards??? wonder anyone tried that yet???

    NOTE: never go to another software/app/game when getting pieces of pictures or playing streetquest halfway! it will not save your progress, heros, or pieces of picture, if you didn’t complete it correctly, unfortunately i shutdown(power off) after the fighting scene, came back after work to check it wasn’t there anymore!

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    Yours sincerely,

  • I never played Rayman 2 and I’m loving the 3D version. The 3D is great and its a fun platformer. I haven’ come across any bugs :S I’m enjoying it so much I haven’t tried Shadow Wars yet.
    I’ve taken my 3DS out with me at any opportunity and I haven’t come across anybody in street pass yet.

  • I am really liking the 3ds, the games are great. I left my AR cards at work so i found a picture of one on the net, and used it straight off the screen. StreetPass is epic, i went to Supanova on the weekend and got 101 StreetPass hits. The only thing i would like is people who you pass frequently, i would like to be notified and to be able to add them as a friend after the 3rd or so pass. other wise brilliant. i even had a few spontaneous street fighter games 🙂

    • 101 Street Pass hits is awesome! You must be a fair way through the Quest now.

      I really wanted to go to Supanova this year but had to work the last 7 days so couldn’t make it. It would have been epic just for the Street Pass hits!!

      • You’ve got to use them all at once though. I had a few today; and while in the parade app it said “hey, check your gate, there’s more people” (or something to that effect). So I did; and got one new person… But then it wouldn’t let me use any of the other people. So if you don’t use them absolutely immediately you don’t get to =(

  • having a blast with mine. 3D effects are subtle yet awesome looking.. havent had a chance picking up any of the launch games yet.. but played with ssf for a bit. Faceraiders cracks me up.

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  • Enjoying the hell out of it so far. Its like a psp meets ds in my eyes, which is great!
    Ive found myself focusing on the 3d screen with one eye closed, then with my one open eye focus on the 3d screen. Once that’s done open the other eye and no initial 3d dizzeness

  • Nintendo – please, think of the big people! Not everyone has tiny hands, so please stop making the buttons harder to press with each new handheld. The d-pad is in a very awkward position, it felt hard for me to push the circle pad left and right (left especially) due to it being so close to the edge, the shoulder buttons are too small and close to the edge (they should extend a bit further in) and all of the buttons are too stiff, giving me hand cramps after just a few minutes of play. I expect most people reading this would disagree and write me off as a whinger, but most of you probably don’t have 30cm handspans.

    Now that’s out of the way, I’m loving the other aspects of this system. The 3D looks excellent, but it’s nearly impossible to hold still while playing. I don’t mind playing in 2D mode though.

    Ridge Racer looked like arse, but SSF4 looked great. It’s a little disappointing that a dedicated games device doesn’t look as good as my iPhone, but they are good enough (in SSF4) so I’m happy overall.

    The AR games are a great touch and I enjoyed them a lot. It’s a pity the cameras are so low quality though because it caused some problems tracking the markers for me (it was jittery).

    The hinge on the lid seems a bit flimsy. I can’t comment on battery life because I haven’t gone through a full charge yet.

    Overall I’m liking it a lot, but I think Nintendo could have done a bit better.

  • I’ve really enjoyed playing shadow wars. Really good game and decent 3D. I had it lock up once when closing mii plaza (black screen, reboot fixed it) and a strange thing happened where the title animation for each “app” was spinning a thousand miles an hour and I couldn’t fix it. It just stopped happening after a day. I got motion sickness once when walking home taking lots of photos. I got one street pass mii at the castlemaine festival which I wasn’t expecting. Overall I really love it.
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  • I made the mistake of playing it in the car with the 3D on…I felt so sick >.> apart from that the 3D seems fine for me. Street pass is strangely exciting for me 😛

  • I’ve absolutely loved playing my 3DS ever since I got my hands on it! I bought Shadow Wars and really enjoy the depth added though the 3D effect (no headaches or eye strain so far. I hate how streetpass makes me want to check to see how many fellow 3DS owners have gone by every 5 minutes. So far I have 6 people found going to the shops and to uni. Hopefully I find more, but I guess I’m gonna have to be patient.
    Overall I love the 3DS, but a bit sad about some of the features that ‘will become available in a system update’. But at least it gives us something to look forward to, like the titles that I’m sure everyone is anticipating.

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  • Remember everyone. This isn’t a “send-accept” model… Posting your FC won’t help unless you put other peoples FC in too.
    Both people have to put the other person’s FC in for it to work!

  • Yeh I’ve been having fun with it so far but man does it need some decent games for it to be a worthy purchase, the only reason I got mine at launch was cause I got a great trade in deal. The 3D is cool but i find (at least with SF4) that it easier to play with out due to the pace of the game. What am impressed with is how good the multiplayer is working with SF4 which is better than some console multiplayer systems really gives me hope for future games on the system. Still waiting to try out streetpass no-one seems to be walking by with it on :(. friend code is 1203-9237-8786 add me 🙂

  • Love it. Not finding too many streetpass hits on the central coast though.

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    I’ve only got Ghost Recon at the moment, but i’m finding it pretty good. I’ll probably pick up street fighter soon.

  • My experience with the 3DS has been a pleasant one to say the least.
    I’ve waited all this time for the glory of all systems to bless the step of my front door in all its parceled goodness.

    The 3D is as you’d expect. Stereoscopic 3D without the need for glasses. But the level of 3D in correlation to its effectiveness really depends on how tired your eyes already are, and how far away the system is. When playing a game like street fighter 4, and which I tend to get really competitive and tense during game time, I find myself distracted by how pretty the 3D is when Im trying to play, so I usually just turn it off.

    The system runs amazingly, the battery life works fine for me as I keep power saving mode on, and brightness at 3. I cant stand having it at 5. And 3D in most cases, such as intense combos, I just turn off.

    I had my first street pass experience over the weekend. It was exciting to say the least. Sitting in a restaurant, take a quick peek at my 3DS to notice a green light. I had bumped into 2 people, one on the way into the restaurant 10 minutes before, and one just 3 minutes before.
    The latter had me excited as I had a blast trying to match the given mii to the crowd of faces in the restaurant. I hope this has more uses in the future, such as the ability to add someone within range via request.

    Which brings me to the negatives.
    The friend roster idea for the 3DS is very lackluster to what I was hoping for.
    While its a step up in that you can view what your friends are playing at that moment in time, thats about all its really good for.
    You can’t message one another.
    You can’t send requests to play a game, so if you want to play someone in street fighter, you sure as hell better hope you have their email/facebook/steam to tell them that. Which means you BOTH have to be on your computers at the same time to let one another know. That was a huge kick in the balls to be honest.
    It kind of defeats the purpose of having a friends list at all.

    The ‘player status’ feature is also lacking. Can’t say whats on your mind unless what you’re thinking is within 16 characters long.
    This is enough for possibly a one word phrase with no purpose or anything really going for it.
    Its a step up, but its also taken about 5 steps to the left.

    One other disappointment is the visuals for DS games. You either have blurry stretched regular DS games, or you have GameBoy Colour Tiny screens. Kind of a bother, really.

    That all well and said, I can’t hold my excitement
    for upcoming titles such as, Zelda, Star Fox, Monster Hunter, Paper Mario, etc.
    THESE are the things I bought the system for.

  • I bought the 3DS on launch day and can say I’m thoroughly impressed. I, like many, thought the 3D was gimmicky and unnecessary, but now that I have the device I think it is actually a substantial addition. I bought no games as I’m waiting it out for something more interesting (Ocarina of Time, especially).
    I have had no luck with StreetPass 🙁

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  • Im lovin my 3DS!! the 3D is absolutely awesome and the pre-installed software is really fun!!
    I got Rabbids 3D and Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retreiver and both are very fun games. I especially like Nintendogs and my puppy is so cute and it is a very big improvement to the first nintendogs. I have no problem with staying within the range of 3d and my ‘sweet spot’ is fairly large and easy to get back into if i happen to be on the wrong angle. I get no headaches, even on the first day i got it when i was really tired!!


  • i got a absolute perfecr condition 3ds yet the ar game card searcher don’t work ive gone as close as possible and far away as possible yet it wont work. D: only thing that might change my mind is the new game: super mario in 3d! lets hope nintendo aint taking such a big step on that. they are almost kinda rushing. they need 2 leave some suspense

    im also using ma 3ds browser to write this!

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