Could Prey 2 Be Red Dead Redemption In Space?

Could Prey 2 Be Red Dead Redemption In Space?

Prey 2, as we expected, will be a very different sort of game then the original. Gone is the conflicted Native American hero. Gone too is the linear gameplay of the original.

Instead Prey 2 will drop you into the shoes of US Air Marshall Killian Samuels as he becomes an off-world bounty hunter in a game that will be open world.

Here are some new images from the game, check out Rock, Paper, Shotgun for their full write up of the demo Bethesda showed off earlier this month.






Preview: Prey 2 [Rock, Paper Shotgun]


  • It can’t be Red Dead Redemption in space because there are no horses.

    Without Cookie it cannot come close to being as great as RDR.

    Yes, I named my horse Cookie. It was cream coloured, in my mind that makes sense.

    • You obviously didn’t see the secretly released screenshots featuring space horses. ^^

      Now you can have Space-Cookie!

      • Actually, if Prey 2 actually did contain space horses, it’d be a day 1 purchase. Gotta support space horses. ^^

      • but really, that is such a tenuous link to the original game. It’s like making a first person shooter sequel to the latest Madden and justifying it by saying that ‘Oh yeah, the lead character was totally one of the people in the crowd’…

        • Oh, I know.

          I’m hugely disappointed to see Tommy go (and with it spirit walking), especially given the ending to the first game.

          I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point if the game didn’t have portals.

          • I know, it’s such a shame. I adored the setting, story and feel of the original Prey. It’s still one of my favourite FPS games on the 360. Why change the game so dramatically? Everyone I know who has played Prey really, really enjoyed it. Change for change’s sake is utterly wrong…

          • I’m still holding out hope that Tommy will show up mid game as the badass point man for some alien faction. Very pissed if the plane crash and a 10 minute level escaping the sphere are the only links.

    • @ The Insufferable Señor Steengo

      ‘The Precursors’, i had completely forgotten about that game. I’m downloading it now, it looks pretty cool.

  • I guess this has as much to do with Prey as Red Dead Redemption has to do with Red Dead Revolver…or Farcry 2/Farcry.

    This game looks to have a lot of potential, I just hope they don’t streamline the open world style. Right now I’m thinking ‘Justified’ in space, and that’s an idea I can get behind.

  • Why was Far Cry 2 called Far Cry 2 when it had absolutely nothing to do with the first? At least this one is set in the same universe and has SOME kind of link with the first game. If it’s good, it’s good. Does it really matter what it’s called?

  • 2nd last picture makes me drool, but in my mind I know, that pic is most likely a corridor alleyway you walk down and nothing more…

  • I loved the first game, it had a wicked story that left itself open to a bigger, badder sequel. I’m disappointed that they’ve decided to forsake Tommy’s story for an open world FPS, and also by the distinct lack of cyber/organic guns in the screens Ive seen so far.

    The whole plotline of the sphere, the aliens that live in it, the wacky physics puzzles and of course the very imaginative and unique organic weapons would’ve made the sequel stand out in the crowd more than the concept of an intergalactic bounty hunter IMO.

  • Also gone are the lovers of the original Prey, many of whom happen to LIKE linear gameplay and are getting sick of games being forced into open-world because of how popular GTA is

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