Crafting Mayhem With The inFamous 2 Mission Designer

Giving players the tools needed to create custom missions in a game like inFamous 2 is a wonderful idea, as long as the tools are easy enough that anyone can use them. You be the judge.

Seems simple enough to me, but I still can't see myself having them time to craft an entire mission from scratch. It's the same issue I ran into with the LittleBigPlanet games. I was inspired enough to have plenty of lovely ideas, but lacked the time to implement any of them. Thankfully, inFamous 2 will let me download anyone else's creation and tweak that instead, saving me the trouble of having to lay a foundation for my exploits.

See inFAMOUS 2's Mission Designer in Action, More Details on Single Player [PlayStation Blog]


    I'm in the beta, and it's really quite easy.
    You've just got to think logically.

    Looks pretty cool.

    I like the first one, but the missions got a bit tedious towards the end. Hopefully this will keep it fresh.

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