Crysis 2 Getting A DirectX 11 Patch For Extra Glistening Aliens

Details are basically non-existant, but Crytek has officially announced that there will be a DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 to take full advantage of modern PC gaming hardware. [](Thanks, Kyle!)


    Looks terrible at the moment in comparison to the previous games. Needs a new texture pack. The images are low res.

    Why bother? The gameplay is average.

    Too late and why would u bother? The graphics options menu is a joke, the game is a joke (dumbed down, CryEngine3 is shit, the world is restrictive not open) and 16 player multiplayer is an insult to the franchise. Adding Directx11 wont make the game look too much better since its already been dumbed down for consoles.

    Too late too sad Crytek. U've already shot urself in the foot by giving a PC franchise a console port of a sequel and frankly we PC gamers dont give a fck about u guys anymore.

    C'mon crytek. You tried your hardest, but its time to let it go. Its shit. We all know that. Goodnight crytek, we'll see you when your ready.

    Would have thought the DX11 patch straight after release.

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