Crysis 2 Vs Real Life

When a great-looking video game imitates a real life place, how close do the two get?

Compare the downtown Manhattan of Crysis 2 to the real thing and you'll see what happens when just one real intersection, where State St meets Bridge St down in the financial district, becomes a video game battlefield.

The real intersection needs to accommodate foot and car traffic and allow the businesses of business and tourism to get done. The video game version needs to allow room for the player's super-soldier to plunge into a shoot-out. But the video game version is walled off to prevent wandering and filled with more trees, trucks and even a statue-turned-memorial, all serving both as barriers behind which to hide in a gunfight as well as visual indicators that we are in a damaged place that we hopefully will care about.

(For one more comparison between reaity and the NYC of Crysis 2, check out the video game's addition of a certain skyscraper to New York's skyline.)


    Whats with the lag and choppyness!? I couldn't watch this... Was too painful after only about 15 seconds.

    Didn't even load for me

    wow, its real. sadly i cant play this game because the spec was to high... :(

    Lawl crysis 2 is better than real life.

    well, crysis 2 is set in 2023, this video is from 2011, mabye they decided to change New York a bit in those 12 years, cities generally develop over 12 years

    So... Which one is crysis? On the right? Looks completely unrealistic compared to the one on the left...

      the one on the left is the video game crysis. can you not tell the difference? the one on the left the guy is holding a digital fire arm. LOL that should give it away. who in their right mind would walk around new york pointing a pistol out in front of them

        Lol you didn't get the sarcasm did you?

    this is awesome. they did a video like this for chernobyl in pripyat in the ukraine for call of duty 4. it's cool when developers take their work so seriously. another thing I like about crysis 2 is how big new york looks in the game. it's accurate. in real life new york is LITTERED with buildings, it's not even funny.

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