Crysis 2's Concept Art Is A Love Letter To New York City

It's a shame that you miss it while you're too busy kicking cars and shooting things in the face, but Crysis 2 is a love letter to the city of New York, something that really shines through in the game's concept art.

These pieces were done by Crytek artists Dennis Chan and Viktor Jonsson, and show almost every level you travel through during the game, along with a few necessary "hero" shots of the game's star, "Alcatraz".

I've been meaning to go back and play the game a second time for a while now, take my time and really get a good look at the city Crytek built as a stage for the game. This is all I need to get me to do just that.

We reviewed Crysis 2 a few weeks ago. It's pretty great. What it lacks in the open-world combat of the first game it makes up for with better pacing and more enjoyable uses for that fancy suit of yours.

You can check out Chan's and Jonsson's personal sites here and here.


    shame the game is completely terrible.

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