Dark Horse Digital Comics Debuts With Dungeon Siege III

Dark Horse Digital Comics Debuts With Dungeon Siege III

The comic book publisher behind Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy have launched a digital Dungeon Siege III comic book series, and you can read the first issue right now courtesy of the newly-opened Dark Horse Digital.

So they’re a little late to the party. What matters is they made it. Dark Horse Comics launched its new digital comic book service yesterday, allowing fans to read the latest and greatest of the company’s offerings both on the web and via an application available in the iTunes App Store.

There are 338 comics currently available to purchase (including the excellent Mass Effect series), but you won’t have to pay one red cent for Dungeon Siege III issue one, or two and three for that matter. Written by Jeremy Barlow and with art by Iban Coello and Sergio Abad, each issue of Dungeon Siege III will introduce readers to one of the four main characters appearing in Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming sequel.

The fourth character will debut by way of a full-color print comic offered for free to gamers that preorder Dungeon Siege III through Walmart. In other words, it’ll be an extremely limited edition book.

Hit up the link below to see what else Dark Horse has up its sleeves for digital readers.

Dark Horse Digital [Official Website]

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