David Cage: L.A. Noire Is "An Interesting Dead End"

In an interview with CVG, David Cage discussed the progress of Quantic Dream's own engine, and commented on what Team Bondi are attempting with L.A. Noire and their motion scan technology.

"I think it's an interesting solution to a problem for now," he claimed. "But it's also an interesting dead end."

His main issues with the process seems to be, firstly, the expense but, secondly, the fact that the facial and physical animations have to be recorded seperately.

"We see a huge difference between shooting the face and body separately and shooting everything at the same time," he continued. "Suddenly you've got a real sense of acting that is consistent. You can't imagine how related what you say with your face is to what your body does."

As much as we're impressed by the performances in L.A. Noire, which are truly leagues ahead of the competition (although Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain are in the same ballpark), we found ourselves in agreement. Whilst L.A. Noire looks incredible, there is a disjoint between the physical reaction and the facial reactions. The performance capture in the game is stellar, which negates that disjoint, but it still exists.

Cage claimed that the technology being used at Quantic Dream would find the solution, and claimed he expected to be able to create images on par with Avatar within five years.

"I think L.A Noire looks good - honestly, it does," Cage continued, "but I don't think they'll go much further than where they are. With the technology we use, we can improve; there is a lot of room for improvement and we hope to show very soon where we are now. We've made significant progress since Heavy Rain and will continue to make progress until we reach the stage of Avatar. That is probably three, four five years from now."

David Cage: L.A Noire tech is 'interesting dead end', Quantic's new approach is the future [CVG]


    Reach the level of Avatar in 3 to 5 years? Maybe in pre-rendered scenes.

    There's no harm in reaching for the stars, but I seriously question the sanity of anyone who believes they can pull that off. Admittedly, any list of requirements for pulling that feat off would definitely including insanity.

      Probably not in graphical quality, but in terms of motion capture technology I don't doubt it- the technology is there, it'd just need to be adapted for games

      dont forget that in the 1800s they claimed that 'everything that needed to be invented had already been invented'

      graphics will keep getting better- maybe in 20 years the next avatar will be released and when we look back at it we'll say 'gosh weren't the special effects terrible back then'

    I think I've seen Depth Analysis state their facilities will eventually be able to capture multiple faces, bodies, and indeed full performances in a room. Which if true, makes Cage's point moot.

    Cagey just jealous :)

      Yeah he seems to think that what they are doing is the only thing they'll ever do. When has any game tech company not tinker with and improve the engine platform they used for their last game?

      These things are also typically a hardware and software solution. The hardware is redundant virtually by the time the get it set up the first time; there's always a smaller camera and a faster processor to handle it. Its the software that's important to tech like this. Just like Kinect, once you get the 'technique' right you can improve the hardware required over and over.

      Anyway I still like Cage for his boastfulness. It makes other people come out and PROVE him wrong, which is always a good thing!

      Yeah -- one of my animation teachers was worked at Team Bondi on LA Noire and said the same thing, that they're working on full-performance motion capture. I wonder where Cage got his info.

      This is no different than Apple's detractors stating that Apple's products are doing badly and would be overshadowed in a matter of years. Blind jealousy.

      In the field of innovation, actual technology speaks louder than promises. Let Quantic Dream show us their "Avatar" once its done.

      Sounds nothing more than an investor honey pot promise if you ask me.

        Actual technology speaks louder than words? Then why are the iPads/Touches/Pods doing so well? They're inferior to competing products. :P

      I love 5 Inch Floppy, you should do it more often and please make a youtube channel.

    I'm immediately cynical of someone that boastful. Slighting another game while being boastful doesn't give him any points from me either.

      Blame Herron for making that ok.


    What a suprise the developer of Heavy Rain likes the Heavy Rain tech more than another game

    The question is, does added realism necessarily make games more fun? Here's an article that looks into the matter:


    Quantic Dream is both a game and motion capture studio, so Cage obviously has an interest in playing down the competition.

    That said, Heavy Rain does have the most fantastic mo-cap (especially facially) that I've seen in a game so Cage's studio can clearly produce impressive work.

    If Quantic can produce something almost as good, as good, or better, than LA Noire at a lesser cost, that's a good thing for games.

    Yo Rockstar! I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish but.. Quantic Dream’s mocap will be as good as Avatars in 5 years.. In five years!

    David Cage: L.A. Noire Is “An Interesting Dead End”

    David Cage: L.A. Noires motion capture technology is “An Interesting Dead End”

      That's your comment? Way to add to the discussion yo!

      I was thinking the same thing. It's painting Cage's comment in a completely different context.

    Yeah I don't think dissing the "halfway there" technology that may well give the push for the "all the way there" technology such a good idea.

    If we're already at this point then we're more than half way. What's to say that in the next year or two there won't be a Facial rig that the actor puts on that would both capture the movement and facial expression? If anything I reckon the guys at Quantic Dream should team up with guys at Team Bondi and work together to make this 'Avatar' Surpassing technology

    That's the way I see it anyways

    He is a very confident developer and I guess rightfully so, Heavy Rain has an average 72% completion among it's players but he does seem to be awfully unimpressed as well. It's too soon for anyone's comments to say whether or not he can live up to his own standards to, I would like to state for the fact that he will reveal something at E3 and will seek and audience to promote his project. I just hope that his current working title will make a fanboy of me solely on the fact that I believe he is more than capable of doing what he says he can but I just really hope I'm not disappointed here. After all this industry thrives on competition and one upping one another so I personally welcome what David has to show but until then I guess I will hold my breath.

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