Death Metal And Video Games: Together At Last!

Apparently if you listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and watch The Wizard of Oz, they sync up perfectly. I have a hard time believing that, but apparently Metal act Last Chance to Reason have finished a concept album called 'Level 2'. The concept? They've created music designed to play in sync with a flash game designed in parallel with the album.

Now I'll be perfectly honest - I hate Metal music with a passion, but even I think this is a pretty interesting idea. There's a preview vid above, but you can also download a preview of the game itself here.

Thanks to Dan for the tip.


    The Wizard of Oz does not sync up perfectly with Dark Side of the Moon.

    I tried it and it just didn't work.

    Well, more precisely, there are some moments where the music fits but for the most part it is just sound that plays whilst there is a movie going on.

      I thought it was supposed to be Alice In Wonderland, not Wizard of Oz

        Nah, def Oz. I've had hours long drunken arguments trying to prove it doesn't. With musicians who start throwing "proof" at me!

      It syncs up if you've taken enough drugs to actually want to watch the Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd.

    OUCH! What do you like?

      How can someone hate an entire genre of music?
      This hurts my brain!

        Because music is subjective?

        Maybe hate is a strong word. I guess I like some early Metal. I'm more of a hip hop/pretentious indie hipster music kinda guy.

          I have really diverse music tastes. Comes from living with musicians for years.
          It hurts my brain to hear this.

            I also have diverse tastes - doesn't mean I have to like every single genre of music.

            Like: Hip hop, dance, indie, jazz

            Dislike: Classical, Metal.


              All those great movie, game and cartoon soundtracks?


              How can you not like classical music!?!
              Serrels, not liking classical music is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for not liking classical music. Like badwrong, or badong. Yes, not liking classical music is badong.

              Hahaha. All over again.

              This always happens in these kind of discussions. Metal-heads try and guide someone through what bands/genres they "MUST" listen and inevitably alienate the person they're trying to educate. And it happens because Metal, like Jazz and Classical, is for the most part loved by music nerds! And as we know, whenever we nerd out about something we love, we tend to revolt those we're talking at.

              However like in every genre, there are bands that are able to transcend their scene and instead of being coined good "Hip Hop" or "Metal", they just become GOOD MUSIC. The most obvious Metal bands that have done this are Metallica, whose back catalogue doesn't need explaining. And Iron Maiden, whose Greatest Hits tend to make anyone with a disposition towards cool riffs nod their head.

              But there are newer bands out there that I find my non-Metal listening friends always tend to dig when they hear it.

              MASTODON, whose album CRACK THE SKYE is this quasi-psychedelic Prog "Metal/Rock" that has its roots planted in so many different (rock) styles of the past 4 decades, that it captures the attention of anyone who enjoys music. It's still metal, but it’s a kind of metal that more than metal heads can listen to.

              Really, if you ever enjoyed the guitar in "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, then I suggest giving this album a listen.

              Goes the same for OPETH, but I'm far from an authority on those guys and wouldn't know which album to recommend.

              Other recent metal bands with a broader appeal are THE SWORD, who are completely content with re-issuing early Sabbath material and giving it a modern (yet still vintage sounding) twist. And it's AWESOME. And BARONESS, whose BLUE RECORD LP has done a similar thing to Mastodon's "Crack The Skye" but in a different way.

              So Mark, if you're keen for big, burly guitar riffs but don't want to sacrifice your hipster chic, that list again is:
              THE SWORD - WARP RIDERS
              BARONESS - BLUE RECORD

              Probably in that order too. Oh and thanks for letting me waste a good 20 minutes at work! =D

                For Opeth, there are only two albums that I wouldn't recommend starting with: Deliverance and Damnation. Simply because both of them focus on only one aspect of Opeth's style of music (Deliverance is all heavy material, Damnation is all soft). Listening to the two together is a good option though.

                Actually taking a moment to look at their discography, I'm really struggling to pick out a single album to recommend as a good starting point.

                Although after saying not to start with Damnation or Deliverance, if you're not a fan of the heavier stuff, Damnation is still a good album.

                  Blackwater Park was my first Opeth and my personal favourite, I just think it's the most well-rounded album and the best kick-off point.

                  Also, new album this year.

        I mean, I don't like country and western much...but HATE? An entire genre?

        This does not compute. Every genre has it's place, how can you hate?

          Also - it's probably because I'm mostly ignorant of the genre. If someone suggests some good stuff for me to check out, I'll give it a bash.

            Wish I could help, but I like the "wierd" stuff.

            Neurosis is a winner! I'm sure you'd walk away slowly trying not to make eye contact if I played that!

            A good introduction to metal is probably the Big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Although Metallica is probably the best of them as an introduction, and there are a few different albums of theirs that are good entry points. Probably Master of Puppets or the Black Album, or even the S&M live album.

            For other styles of metal, because there really are quite a few different styles, you could try anything from Opeth to Iron Maiden to Tool.

              Power Metal seems to be good entry-level Metal. Being a gamer, maybe Sir. Serrels would like Powerglove?

              Please note: I consider myself a Metal fan and apart from Tool I like non of these acts(maybe a little Slayer in the morning).

                See, that's the thing about Metal. It's a really diverse category with its own extremes and sub-genres within sub-genres. People love some types, but hate others. Dismissing it as a whole is really doing it(and himself) a disservice. He needs to find his own little corner of Metal but he'd probably have to listen to lots of different types that annoy him before he found his hook.

                  Well explained. I guess all music is like that. I don't like all dance music - but I like loads of its sub-genres.

                  I take it back - I was way too harsh. I don't hate all metal!

            Devin Townsend- Which unless you are in touch with your inner nerd, you prolly won't like!

    This is where you and i differ, Mr. Serrels...


    The music sounds rad, the game looks rad, and the people in the ad.... well let's forget about the people in the ad...

    So no one played Brutal Legend?

      Although, for a game with so many Iron Maiden references, the lack of any Maiden in the soundtrack saddened me.

    That was the crappiest piece of Metal ever, and I'm such a Metal fanatic I wear DevilDriver (Mark, should check these guys out, they freaking rock!) t-shirts to my corporate job (I love working in IT :)

    And I bought Brutal Legend and Splatterhouse for the simple reason they had Metal in them... quite a few good songs too. I loved the first 2 Resident Evil movies purely because they had a kick ass heavy metal soundtrack.

    Mark, if DevilDriver is too strong for you, Trivium might be a good band! Don't hate the Metal, there are so many different sub-genres... and they all beat the shit out of Lady Gaga.

      Devil Driver and Trivium are barely Metal. If you like those bands, Glenn then I suggest you dig deeper into the genre. You're missing out by just scratching the surface.

        I find it frustrating when metal heads accuse other metal heads of not being "metal" enough.
        Black Metal/Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Etc. are all the progeny of the original Heavy Metal genre and should respect their predecessors accordingly.

          I hate that too. I really hope I wasn't coming across as one of those because I really didn't mean to. :-(

        I'll agree, Trivium is barely Metal... But Devildriver are the best Thrash metal band I've ever heard. They have some absolutely amazing solo's... Metal isn't just about growling your lyrics and bashing your instruments to the point it's unrecognisable as music (ever heard Skinless? they suck for that very reason).

        And exactly as others have said, it really comes down to personal preference... I listen to other bands, Devildriver is just my favourite.

          Hear hear! Devildriver gets a undeserved bad rap in my opinion. It's all down to taste but I find their music to be generally awesome. Though Beast not so much.

            Indeed, Beast wasn't great, had some gems, but overall pretty lackluster... They probably won't top The Last Kind Words... I proposed to my Fiance during Clouds over California!

          Best thrash band ever? Srsly?

          To qualify this, I don't really get the modern 'thrash' bands (they all seem to be more metalcore to me).

          Gimme some Testament or Annihilator. Or Anthrax. That's thrash.

          On another note, the metal reimagining of Metroid's soundtracks:

      That whole Metal beats all attitude is what scares everyone away!

    Ahh Metal Heads. I'll never forget that time I got groped continuously for 45 min while at Children of Bodom by a large lady in a very strained corset... Seriously, her hand was literally buried between my ass cheeks for almost the entire set.

    On another note, this looks funkay. I'll have to give it a try.

    It's not Death Metal, it's Progressive Metal. It's more technical and convoluted but that's how I like my music.

    It's fair enough metal isn't your cup of tea, but do you really have to declare you hate it with a passion? Metal can br surprisingly diverse and there are certain types of metal that can really surprise you.

    Props for getting the word out about the game though, I think it is utterly brilliant.

    Mark totally started a war!

      You suckered us all in with your
      "together at last"
      and then gut punched us all with your
      "I hate Metal music with a passion"

    That band? terrible name, terrible music. I think i'll stick with cranking Mastodon and Opeth in Saint's Row to and EVERY FUCKING BAND in Brutal Legend.

    I think to get into metal you need to listen to progressively heavier music.
    If you are interested, start with something a bit heavier than rock with clear lyrics and then perhaps move onto some light industrial and nu metal.

    Something like System Of A Down's Toxicity or Lost Prophet's Start Something are not metal but I think could be a good gateway to heavier music.
    Though I am sure many metal heads here would have better suggestions.

      No, I'd agree, I used to listen to SOAD and Lost Prophets, as well as disturbed... they got boring so I graduated upwards to heavier stuff.

    Doesn't seem to be in sync at all, it just looks like a flash game with a metal soundtrack

    You want a good game with a metal soundtrack, there's plenty more, though I would have to say my favorite is Guilty Gear XX

      The youtube clip doesn't show the game in time with the music as its just a mash up of gameplay. If you're watching the video and not downloading the demo, then you're missing out.

        I apologise, I just played the demo, and it's brilliant, the way everything works together
        The gameplay is chaotic, I couldn't tell what was going on half the time

    If you want death metal, listen to Hate Eternal. That's death metal. None of this guitar ego stroking progressive metal bullshit.

    Why has nobody mentioned it yet... Steel Panther!


      Should point out, NSFW if your co-workers have no sense of humour and are easily offended by swearing.

    I hate getting into arguments about something as subjective as Metal, but I can't stand how even people who apparently love metal can say another genere of metal is total shit. This isn't comparing Slayer to Lady gaga, it's ALL METAL. Open your minds people!

    Example: I used to love Slipknot and Devil Driver, and now I feel like I've grown into bands like Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me and The Faceless. My tastes have grown heavier and more technical over the years but I'm hardly about to proclaim that Slipknot and Devil Driver are total balls now (except for Slipknots newest album, wtf happened there??).

    ANYWAY, I'll just say one more thing, the game's not a flash game and its not browser based, its a downloadable title. It's even been made to play with a Xbox360 controller if you have one wired.

      devildrivers old shits way better than there new but there new is still pretty good. Check out aeon-godless an amazing song

    Yay, some Opeth fans on Kotaku! That band doesn't get enough love. When I discovered them, they flipped my perspective on music upside-down.

    If you want REAL death metal check out the song Seized and Devoured by Rings of Saturn.

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