Did 3DS Sales Match Nintendo’s Expectations?

Did 3DS Sales Match Nintendo’s Expectations?

Did 3DS Sales Match Nintendo’s Expectations?Nintendo has just sent out sales figures for the 3DS, claiming that it has become the fastest selling handheld in Australian history, shifting 31,000 units in just four days. Fantastic numbers, but prior to its release Nintendo stated that pre-sales were completely /”eclipsing the Wii”, yet the 3DS didn’t manage to overtake the 32,000 units the Wii sold in its first week.

That being said, the 3DS did only have four days, compared to seven for the Wii – and in that context these are still some incredible numbers. But it will be interesting to see if the 3DS continues to engage the broader gaming community in the lead up to Christmas given the lack of great software currently available on the device.


  • The problem was the line-up. My mate has one, and it’s amazing, don’t get me wrong, but he has all of ONE game to enjoy… It’s not really the best release line-up ever, now is it?

    • Yup, agree with Tad.

      Now, with all the awesome games people were hoping for originally coming out later this year (and I think it’s fair to assume no NGP to compete against in our region), I expect it to be massive in the lead-up to Christmas.

      I think Nintendo are doing quite well here – they’ve got the early adopters, then they’ve got wave-after-wave of customers who’ll be investing as games like OoT 3D come out over the early life of the system.

    • Agreed

      I think consumers are weary after all the different models of DS and the delay between the launch and the arrival of all the great games.

  • It’s important to remember that the Wii received a lot more hype before the release and it came out shortly before Christmas. So for the 3DS to only just fall short, especially with the lackluster launch line-up, is a very impressive feat indeed.

    • +1
      By Christmas the lineup should be stellar and every kid and gamer who doesn’t already own one will be staring longingly at the boxes.
      I’ve got to wonder, though, with no homebrew launch titles, minimal Wii activity and an outsourced Zelda adaption, what are Nintendo up to?

  • I agree that I think the lineup is what really let it down, with one or two big games I think you would see a lot more sales, no doubt they will pick up later when the big titles drop.

    Maybe I am wrong here but I think compared to the Wii this is still really good as I would expect the home gamer to outnumber the handheld gamer. I might be wrong but I would think most consoles would outsell handheld devices, for them to come close is really something.

    • consoles sell more than handhelds?

      the wii sold bout 70mil or so? and ps3/360 did bout 40mil each.

      handhelds? psp managed 60mil and the ds family did about tits trillions. of course you’d have to factor in redesigns and what not but i think handhelds would sell more just considering how much more affordable they usually are.

  • Four days versus a week. It did eclipse the Wii.

    Also, it’s off season, the Wii launch in the middle of Christmas shopping period. It’s doing great.

    • “yet the 3DS didn’t manage to overtake the 32,000 units the Wii sold in its first four days”

      Four days vs a week??

      3DS has done very well despite the time of year and lack of quality games. It will be a huge Christmas down under for the big N.

      • Nintendo 3DS™, Nintendo’s new device which offers portable entertainment in 3D without the need for special glasses, launched in Australia on 31 March and has already sold through more than 31,000* units!

        This has been achieved in only four days, and gives Nintendo 3DS the record for best handheld launch in Australia. Nintendo’s popular home console Wii™ holds the record for biggest week one sell through for any console, selling through slightly more than Nintendo 3DS with 32,000* units in its first week on sale, and has gone on to sell through more than 2.1 million* since its December 2006 launch.

  • I’d like one because there are a quite a few upcoming titles I’m interested in, however I’d like to try it first. I iwsh they had more oppotunities to try instore (although I think a guy form work got one so maybe if I ask him real nice he will bring it in for me).

    • Even if you totally ignore the 3D effect, it’s still a very good upgrade on the DS – especially if you can find it ~$300.

      Despite having nothing to play, I don’t regret my purchase.

  • I can say from a retailer’s perspective that the sales have dropped off MASSIVELY, but that’s anecdotal evidence from one anonymous person, so make of that what you will…

  • I wonder if this “big title” free launch is a test for Nintendo to see how much the big first party releases actually make money for them compared to just gimmicky / crappy games that have brought them so much joy (money) on the Wii.
    The results might help them work out whether Skyward Sword should be a Wii 1 or 2 launch title (ala Twilight Princess)

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