Did Beyoncé Ruin Christmas?

Did Beyoncé Ruin Christmas?

Software developer Gate Five is taking Beyoncé to court. According to New York Magazine, the company says she backed out of a deal to appear in a music game and is seeking over $US100 million.

Gate Five calls the contract breach “callous”, adding that the popstar singer destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove seventy people out of work. All this the week before Christmas.

The game, Starpower: Beyoncé, was a motion-sensing dance title.

In the summons, Beyoncé is called “erratic”. She reportedly made “an extortionate demand for entirely new compensation”, which drove away the financier; thus, Beyoncé pulled out, which was a breach of her contract. Even her father is said to have renounced Beyoncé’s actions in the summons.

“In early December everything was still a go. And then the week of Christmas, she said that’s it, I don’t want to hear from you guys, go away, resulting in 70 people losing their jobs,” said Gate Five founder Greg Easley in an interview. “We’d much rather make a game than litigate. But we want to recover damages that Gate Five suffered.”

Beyoncé is no stranger to video games, appearing in ads for the Nintendo DSi. Back in 2009, the singer said, “I’d like to get involved in video games, since I really love Wii Fit.” The diva added, “I think it would be a great idea to incorporate choreography, because, for me, my workout is way more fun when it involves dancing, as opposed to running on a boring treadmill.”

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