Don’t Worry About Wii 2 Dick Jokes

Don’t Worry About Wii 2 Dick Jokes

This is quite silly, but somebody asked me, “Wouldn’t Wii 2 be ‘Weenie’ in Japanese?” Well, not quite.

“Two” in Japanese can read as “ni” (ニ) so theoretically “Wii 2” could be “Wii ni”, aka “weenie”, aka “schlong”, “dick”, “woody”, “trouser snake” – you name it!

That’s theoretical, however, because nobody in Japan would actually read “Wii 2” as “weenie”. “Wii” looks to be a foreign word, so the “2” would be read as “two” (ツー), just like with the PlayStation 2 or Street Fighter II or even game developer CyberConnect2. Nobody says “ni”.


Even if they did read it as “weenie”, the word “weenie” is written as ウィニー, while Wii is written as ウィー with the dash meaning a longer sound. “Ni” (ニ) as a number doesn’t have a long sound, so there is a slight difference in how it would be read even if someone cocked up, er, messed up reading “2”.

Even less of a concern is that Nintendo probably won’t be calling the console “Wii 2”.

Fun fact: In Japan, Nippon Ham makes a sausage product called “Winny” (weenie).



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