Dragon Age II Is A Bit More Playable On PC Today

BioWare has released patch 1.02 for Dragon Age II, patching various bugs, quest glitches and technical foul-ups and generally making the game a bit more tolerable on the Mac and PC. Check out the full patch notes here.


    The 360 patch adds a storyline, 10 extra cave environments (though, they're all built off the original cave environment) and a central antagonist

      Boom, tish.

      Bahaha... I was planning on stating something like that as soon as I saw this article...

      But let me assure you, those things are missing from all versions of DAII

    Maybe kotaku should report on how the DA:O PC DLC servers have been down for four days as seen here http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/04/drm-run-amok-how-bioware-and-ea-are-screwing-users-right-now.ars

    It should be noted that the friendship bug fix is NOT retroactive, so if you are already suffering a negative to attack speed or damage reduction, you'll need to edit your save game (see another thread on that bioware forum for instructions) to make sure your character is fighting fit. My character was -19 in attack speed, when I fixed him up it was like he was on crack compared to the old animation speed.

    rest in peace bioware

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